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Add Education for sustainability — looking backward and looking forward — IUCN CEC perspective on the United Nations Decade of ESD Wheeler, Keith A; Hesselink, Frits; Goldstein, Wendy August 28, 2015 4:23:01 PM EST
Add What roles do team climate, roster control, and work life conflict play in shiftworkers' fatigue longitudinally? Pisarski, Anne; Barbour, Jennifer P August 28, 2015 4:04:29 PM EST
Add Exposure to extraorganizational stressors : impact on mental health and organizational perceptions for police officers Biggs, Amanda; Brough, Paula; Barbour, Jennifer P August 28, 2015 3:52:04 PM EST
Add The Troubled quest for national political leadership in Fiji Norton, Robert August 28, 2015 3:48:38 PM EST
Add Relationships of individual and organizational support with engagement : examining various types of causality in a three-wave study Biggs, Amanda; Brough, Paula; Barbour, Jennifer P August 28, 2015 3:38:32 PM EST
Add Impure politics and pure science : efficacious ebola medications are only a palliation and not a cure for structural disadvantage Degeling, Chris; Johnson, Jane; Mayes, Christopher August 28, 2015 3:35:42 PM EST
Add Temporal variability predicts the magnitude of between-group attentional blink differences in developmental dyslexia : a meta-analysis Badcock, Nicholas A; Kidd, Joanna C August 28, 2015 3:30:27 PM EST
Add Fiji’s foreign relations : retrospect and prospect Lawson, Stephanie August 28, 2015 3:13:50 PM EST
Add Ecosystem risk assessment for Gnarled Mossy Cloud Forest, Lord Howe Island, Australia Auld, Tony D; Leishman, Michelle R August 28, 2015 3:11:33 PM EST
Add "Post-gay" yet? : the relevance of the lesbian and gay scene to same-sex attracted young people in contemporary Australia Lea, Toby; De Wit, John; Reynolds, Robert August 28, 2015 2:47:21 PM EST
Add High pressure, down under : the first Australian high-pressure synchrotron facility for geoscience research Rushmer, T; Dixon, N. A; Clark, S. M August 28, 2015 2:28:26 PM EST
Add Return customers : foraging site fidelity and the effect of environmental variability in wide-ranging Antarctic fur seals Arthur, Benjamin; Hindell, Mark; Bester, Marthan; Trathan, Phil; Jonsen, Ian; Staniland, Iain; Oosthuizen, W. Chris; Wege, Mia; Lea, Mary-Anne August 28, 2015 12:59:38 PM EST
Add Influence of location, population, and climate on building damage and fatalities due to Australian bushfire : 1925-2009 Crompton, Ryan P; McAneney, K. John; Chen, Keping; Pielke Jr., Roger A; Haynes, Katharine August 28, 2015 12:51:04 PM EST
Add Quality of life three years after diagnosis of localised prostate cancer : population based cohort study Smith, David P; King, Madeleine T; Egger, Sam; Berry, Martin P; Stricker, Philip D; Cozzi, Paul; Ward, Jeanette; O'Connell, Dianne L; Armstrong, Bruce K August 28, 2015 12:47:59 PM EST
Add Predicting leaf physiology from simple plant and climate attributes : a global glopnet analysis Reich, Peter B; Wright, Ian J; Lusk, Christopher H August 28, 2015 12:13:48 PM EST
Add Onuphis and Aponuphis (Annelida: Onuphidae) from southwestern Europe, with the description of a new species Arias, Andrés; Paxton, Hannelore August 28, 2015 12:04:56 PM EST
Add Scaling of respiration to nitrogen in leaves, stems and roots of higher land plants Reich, Peter B; Tjoelker, Mark G; Pregitzer, Kurt S; Wright, Ian J; Oleksyn, Jacek; Machado, Jose-Luis August 28, 2015 11:55:46 AM EST
Add Chemical immobilization of metals and metalloids by phosphates Hafsteinsdóttir, Erla G; Camenzuli, Danielle; Rocavert, Amy L; Walworth, James; Gore, Damian B August 28, 2015 11:55:35 AM EST
Add Why are non-photosynthetic tissues generally ¹³C enriched compared to leaves in C₃ plants? Review and synthesis of current hypothesis Cernusak, Lucas A; Tcherkez, Guillaume; Dawson, Todd E; Griffiths, Howard G; Farquhar, Graham D; Wright, Ian J; Keitel, Claudia; Cornwell, William K; Santiago, Louis S; Knohl, Alexander; Barbour, Margaret M; Williams, David G; Reich, Peter B; Ellsworth, David S August 28, 2015 11:50:55 AM EST
Add The Cryptogenic bait worm Diopatra biscayensis Fauchald et al., 2012 (Annelida: Onuphidae) - Revisiting its history, biology and ecology Arias, Andrés; Paxton, Hannelore August 28, 2015 11:44:10 AM EST
Add Evidence of a general 2/3-power law of scaling leaf nitrogen to phosphorus among major plant groups and biomes Reich, Peter B; Oleksyn, Jacek; Wright, Ian J; Niklas, Karl J; Hedin, Lars; Elser, James J August 28, 2015 11:43:36 AM EST
Add Why should justice be seen to be done? Meyerson, Denise August 28, 2015 11:30:41 AM EST
Add Meta-analysis of studies using suppression subtractive hybridization and microarrays to investigate the effects of environmental stress on gene transcription in oysters Anderson, Kelli; Taylor, Daisy A; Thompson, Emma L; Melwani, Aroon R; Nair, Sham V; Raftos, David A August 28, 2015 11:15:19 AM EST
Add Application of thresholds of potential concern and limits of acceptable change in the condition assessment of a significant wetland Rogers, Kerrylee; Saintilan, Neil; Colloff, Matthew J; Wen, Li August 28, 2015 10:36:19 AM EST
Add Enhancing work-related attitudes and work engagement : a quasi-experimental study of the impact of an organizational intervention Biggs, Amanda; Brough, Paula; Barbour, Jennifer P August 28, 2015 10:27:08 AM EST
Add Strategic alignment with organizational priorities and work engagement : a multi-wave analysis Biggs, Amanda; Brough, Paula; Barbour, Jennifer P August 28, 2015 9:22:06 AM EST
Add Preliminary norms in the selection of children's books for translation in South Africa Kruger, Haidee August 28, 2015 8:49:13 AM EST
Add Child and adult readers' processing of foreignised elements in translated South African picturebooks : an eye-tracking study Kruger, Haidee August 28, 2015 8:37:55 AM EST
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