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Add Effects of small Hsp genes on developmental stability and microenvironmental canalization Takahashi, Kazuo H; Rako, Lea; Takano-Shimizu, Toshiyuki; Hoffmann, Ary A; Lee, Siu F September 27, 2016 10:02:35 AM AEST
Add Selective sweeps at the organophosphorus insecticide resistance locus, Rop-1, have affected variation across and beyond the α-Esterase gene cluster in the Australian sheep blowfly, Lucilia cuprina Rose, Caroline J; Chapman, Joanne R; Marshall, Sean D. G; Lee, Siu F; Batterham, Philip; Ross, Howard A; Newcomb, Richard D September 27, 2016 9:41:45 AM AEST
Add Correlated secrets in quantitative information flow Bordenabe, Nicolás E; Smith, Geoffrey September 27, 2016 9:36:03 AM AEST
Add Carbohydrate storage, survival, and growth of two evergreen Nothofagus species in two contrasting light environments Piper, Frida Ingrid; Reyes-Diaz, M; Corcuera, Luis J; Lusk, Christopher Harley September 27, 2016 8:50:22 AM AEST
Add Carbonate-hosted asbestos occurrences in South Australia: review of geology and implications for mesothelioma Hendrickx, Marc September 27, 2016 8:50:07 AM AEST
Add Changes in audiometric thresholds before, during and after attacks of vertigo associated with Meniere's syndrome Mcneill, Celene; Cohen, Mauricio A; Gibson, William P R September 27, 2016 8:49:53 AM AEST
Add Coastal Strains of Marine Synechococcus Species Exhibit Increased Tolerance to Copper Shock and a Distinctive Transcriptional Response Relative to Those of Open-Ocean Strains Stuart, Rhona K; Dupont, Chris; Johnson, D Aaron; Paulsen, Ian T; Palenik, Brian September 27, 2016 8:49:40 AM AEST
Add Comparison of Mandibular Advancement Splint and Tongue Stabilizing Device in Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A Randomized Controlled Trial Deane, S A; Cistulli, Peter A; Ng, A T; Zeng, B; Petocz, Peter; Darendeliler, M Ali September 27, 2016 8:49:25 AM AEST
Add Conflicting views on court interpreting examined through surveys of legal professionals and court interpreters Lee, Jieun September 27, 2016 8:49:11 AM AEST
Add Cross-cultural challenges for Indigenous sea country management in Australia Yunupingu, D; Muller, Samantha Lee September 27, 2016 8:48:57 AM AEST
Add Cultivation of Fastidious Bacteria by Viability Staining and Micromanipulation in a Soil Substrate Membrane System Ferrari, Belinda C; Gillings, Michael R September 27, 2016 8:48:43 AM AEST
Add Design, fabrication, simulation, and measurement of a dual-band, planar, compact artificial magnetic conductor Li, Yading; Johnston, Benjamin Francis; Withford, Michael; Esselle, Karunanayake Pat September 27, 2016 8:48:29 AM AEST
Add Detrital-zircon ages and geochemistry of sedimentary rocks in basement Mesozoic terranes and their cover rocks in New Caledonia, and provenances at the Eastern Gondwanaland margin Adams, C.J; Cluzel, D; Griffin, William Lindsay September 27, 2016 8:48:15 AM AEST
Add Development of a Two-Color Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization Technique for Species-Level Identification of Human-Infectious Cryptosporidium spp Alagappan, Anitha; Bergquist, Peter Leonard; Ferrari, Belinda September 27, 2016 8:48:01 AM AEST
Add Development of the North American Listening in Spatialized Noise-Sentences Test (NA LiSN-S): Sentence Equivalence, Normative Data, and Test-Retest Reliability Studies Cameron, Sharon; Brown, David; Keith, Robert; Martin, Jeffrey; Watson, Charlene; Dillon, H September 27, 2016 8:47:46 AM AEST
Add Don't Fight the Site: Three Geomorphic Considerations in Catchment-Scale River Rehabilitation Planning Brierley, Gary; Fryirs, Kirstie September 27, 2016 8:47:32 AM AEST
Add Ecology of leaf teeth: A multi-site analysis from an Australian subtropical rainforest Royer, Dana; Kooyman, Robert Michael; Little, Stefan A; Wilf, Peter September 27, 2016 8:47:15 AM AEST
Add Physiological and molecular changes in Oryza meridionalis Ng., a heat-tolerant species of wild rice Scafaro, Andrew Peter; Haynes, Paul Andrew; Atwell, Brian September 27, 2016 8:47:00 AM AEST
Add Effects of irradiation dose rate on quality and sterility of Queensland fruit flies, Bactrocera tryoni (Froggatt) Collins, Samuel Royce; Weldon, Christopher William; Banos, Connie; Taylor, Phillip Warren September 27, 2016 8:46:46 AM AEST
Add Beyond Behaviour: Is Social Anxiety Low in Williams Syndrome? Dodd, Helen Frances; Schniering, Carolyn A; Porter, Melanie September 27, 2016 8:46:22 AM AEST
Add Psychopathology in Williams Syndrome: The Effect of Individual Differences Across the Life Span Dodd, Helen Frances; Porter, Melanie September 27, 2016 8:46:07 AM AEST
Add A spider that feeds indirectly on vertebrate blood by choosing female mosquitoes as prey Jackson, Robert; Nelson, Ximena Jean; Sune, Godfrey O September 27, 2016 8:45:53 AM AEST
Add Applicabilidade dos limites da velocidade do ar para efeito de conforto termico em climas quentes e umidos Candido, Christhina M; Lamberts, Roberto; Bittencourt, Leonardo; de Dear, Richard September 27, 2016 8:45:39 AM AEST
Add Anatomists' attitudes towards the concept of race Strkalj, Goran; Ramsey, S; Wilkinson, A Tracey September 27, 2016 8:45:24 AM AEST
Add Artificial classification and the study of human variation Strkalj, Goran September 27, 2016 8:45:09 AM AEST
Add Philosophy of medicine - Darwinian medicine - an evolutionary perspective on health and disease Spocter, Mohammad A; Strkalj, Goran September 27, 2016 8:44:55 AM AEST
Add Visible learning: a synthesis of over 800 meta-analyses relating to achievement Carter, Mark September 27, 2016 8:44:40 AM AEST
Add Efficient repair of protein radicals by ascorbate Domazou, Anastasia S; Koppenol, Willem; Gebicki, Janusz September 27, 2016 8:44:25 AM AEST
Add Electronic structure of the organic semiconductor copper tetraphenylporphyrin (CuTPP) Reid, Ian; Zhang, Yufeng; Demasi, Alex; Blueser, Andrew; Piper, Louis; Downes, James Ernest; Matsuura, A. Y; Hughes, Greg; Smith, Kevin E September 27, 2016 8:44:10 AM AEST
Add Elongated orb-webs of Australian ladder-web spiders (Araneidae: Telaprocera) and the significance of orb-web elongation Harmer, Aaron Michael Thomas September 27, 2016 8:43:56 AM AEST
Add Emission properties of quantum dots in polymer optical fibres Yu, Helmut C Y; Argyros, Alexander; Leon-Saval, Sergio G; Fuerbach, Alexander; Efimov, Anatoly; Barton, Geoffrey September 27, 2016 8:43:43 AM AEST
Add Expanded Newborn Screening: Outcome in Screened and Unscreened Patients at Age 6 Years Wilcken, Bridget; Haas, M; Joy, Pamela; Wiley, V; Bowling, F; Carpenter, K; Christodoulou, John; Cowley, D; Ellaway, C; Fletcher, J; Kirk, Edwin P; Lewis, B; McGill, J; Peters, H; Pitt, J; Ranieri, E; Yaplito-Lee, J; Boneh, A September 27, 2016 8:43:28 AM AEST
Add Explicit classes of permutation polynomials of F-33m Ding, Cunsheng; Xiang, Qing; Yuan, Jin; Yuan, Pingzhi September 27, 2016 8:43:12 AM AEST
Add Genetic characterization of native and introduced populations of the neotropical cichlid genus Cichla in Brazil De Carvalho, Daniel Cardoso; De Oliveira, Denise Aparecida Andrade; Dos Santos, Jose Enemir; Teske, Peter; Beheregaray, Luciano; Schneider, Horacio; Sampaio, I September 27, 2016 8:42:59 AM AEST
Add Immunization with a synthetic robustoxin derivative lacking disulphide bridges protects against a potentially lethal challenge with funnel-web spider (Atrax robustus) venom Comis, Alfio; Tyler, Margaret I; Mylecharane, Ewan; Spence, I; Howden, Merlin E. H September 27, 2016 8:42:10 AM AEST
Add Light environments occupied by conifer and angiosperm seedlings in a New Zealand podocarp-broadleaved forest Lusk, Christopher Harley; Duncan, Richard P; Bellingham, P. J September 27, 2016 8:41:57 AM AEST
Add Low pressure systems off the New South Wales coast and associated hazardous weather: establishment of a database Speer, Milton Samuel; Wiles, Perry; Pepler, Acacia September 27, 2016 8:41:41 AM AEST
Add Measurement of Lipid Hydroperoxides by the Ferric-Xylenol Orange Method (1) Characteristics of the Ferric-Xylenol Orange/Membrane Phosphatidylcholine Complex Fukuzawa, Kenji; Shibata, Akira; Okamura, Chika; Fujiwara, Yuhki; Akai, Kaori; Tsuchiya, Koichiro; Tokumura, Akira; Gebicki, Janusz September 27, 2016 8:41:27 AM AEST
Add Migration and accumulation of ultra-depleted subduction-related melts in the Massif du Sud ophiolite (New Caledonia) Marchesi, Claudio; Garrido, Carlos J; Godard, Marguerite; Belley, France; Ferre, Eric September 27, 2016 8:41:13 AM AEST
Add Building the 'practical' human proteome project - The next big thing in basic and clinical proteomics Baker, Mark S. S September 27, 2016 8:40:58 AM AEST
Add Optimizing Irradiation Dose for Sterility Induction and Quality of Bactrocera tryoni Collins, Samuel; Weldon, Christopher William; Banos, Connie; Taylor, Phillip September 27, 2016 8:40:44 AM AEST
Add Transgenerational immunity in a bird-ectoparasite system: do maternally transferred antibodies affect parasite fecundity or the offspring's susceptibility to fleas? Tschirren, Barbara; Siitari, Heli; Saladin, Verena; Richner, Heinz September 27, 2016 8:40:30 AM AEST
Add Tracing the Caples Terrane through New Zealand using detrital zircon age patterns and radiogenic isotope signatures Adams, C.J; Campbell, H.J; Griffin, William Lindsay September 27, 2016 8:39:43 AM AEST
Add The logic of message-passing Cockett, J.R. B; Pastro, Craig Antonio September 27, 2016 8:39:28 AM AEST
Add The influence of ants on the mating strategy of a myrmecophilic jumping spider (Araneae, Salticidae) Nelson, Ximena Jean; Jackson, Robert R September 27, 2016 8:39:13 AM AEST
Add The Assault on Occupancy in Surabaya: Legible and Illegible Landscapes in a City of Passage Peters, Robbie September 27, 2016 8:38:59 AM AEST
Add The PULSE@Parkes Project: a New Observing Technique for Long-Term Pulsar Monitoring Hobbs, George B; Hollow, R; Champion, David J; Khoo, J; Yardley, D. R.B; Carr, M; Keith, M; Jenet, Fredrick A; Amy, Shaun W; Burgay, Marta; Burke-Spolaor, S; Chapman, J; Danaia, Lena; Homewood, B; Kovacevic, Anna Victoria; Mao, M; Mckinnon, David; Mulcahy, M; Oslowski, S; van Straten, W September 27, 2016 8:38:43 AM AEST
Add Perception of speech with envelope enhancement in individuals with auditory neuropathy and simulated loss of temporal modulation processing Narne, Vijaya Kumar; Vanaja, C S September 27, 2016 8:38:28 AM AEST
Add Prey classification by an araneophagic ant-like jumping spider (Araneae: Salticidae) Nelson, Ximena Jean; Jackson, Robert R September 27, 2016 8:38:12 AM AEST
Add Seeing the world through another person's eyes: Simulating selective attention via action observation Frischen, Alexandra; Loach, Daniel Peter; Tipper, Steven P September 27, 2016 8:37:57 AM AEST