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Add Sex-specific behavioural effects of environmental enrichment in a transgenic mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Stam, Nathan C; Nithianantharajah, Jess; Howard, Monique L; Atkin, Julie D; Cheema, Surindar S; Hannan, Anthony J July 10, 2014 5:03:35 PM EST
Add Engaging students : student preferences for feedback Rowe, Anna D; Wood, Leigh N; Petocz, Peter July 10, 2014 4:29:51 PM EST
Add Intratumoral molecular heterogeneity in a BRAF-mutant, BRAF inhibitor-resistant melanoma : a case illustrating the challenges for personalized medicine Wilmott, James S; Tembe, Varsha; Howle, Julie R; Sharma, Raghwa; Thompson, John F; Rizos, Helen; Lo, Roger S; Kefford, Richard F; Scolyer, Richard A; Long, Georgina V July 10, 2014 3:17:37 PM EST
Add Elamite art Álvarez-Mon, Javier July 10, 2014 3:13:50 PM EST
Add Selective BRAF inhibitors induce marked T-cell infiltration into human metastatic melanoma Wilmott, James S; Long, Georgina V; Howle, Julie R; Haydu, Lauren E; Sharma, Raghwa N; Thompson, John F; Kefford, Richard F; Hersey, Peter; Scolyer, Richard A July 10, 2014 3:03:13 PM EST
Add An Exploration of Chinese EFL learner's deployment of grammatical metaphor : learning to make academically valued meanings Liardét, Cassi L July 10, 2014 2:49:24 PM EST
Add Absence of distinguishing senescence traits in human melanocytic nevi Tran, Sieu L; Haferkamp, Sebastian; Scurr, Lyndee L; Gowrishankar, Kavitha; Becker, Therese M; Desilva, Chitra; Thompson, John F; Scolyer, Richard A; Kefford, Richard F; Rizos, Helen July 10, 2014 2:43:25 PM EST
Add Survival in BRAF V600-mutant advanced melanoma treated with vemurafenib Sosman, Jeffrey A; Kim, Kevin B; Hersey, Peter; Kefford, Richard; Lawrence, Donald; Puzanov, Igor; Lewis, Karl D; Amaravadi, Ravi K; Chmielowski, Bartosz; Lawrence, H. Jeffrey; Shyr, Yu; Ye, Fei; Schuchter, Lynn; Li, Jiang; Nolop, Keith B; Lee, Richard J; Joe, Andrew K; Ribas, Antoni; Gonzalez, Rene; Pavlick, Anna C; Weber, Jeffrey S; McArthur, Grant A; Hutson, Thomas E; Moschos, Stergios J; Flaherty, Keith T July 10, 2014 2:28:38 PM EST
Add Hearing her voice : a case for women giving sermons Dickson, John July 10, 2014 2:19:03 PM EST
Add Foreclosed fatherhood : a decade of psychoanalytical experimentation in Linda Lê's fiction Kurmann, Alex July 10, 2014 1:21:12 PM EST
Add Effect of organic matrices on the determination of the trace element chemistry (Mg, Sr, Mg/Ca, Sr/Ca) of aragonitic bivalve shells (Arctica islandica) - Comparison of ICP-OES and LA-ICP-MS data Schöne, Bernd R; Zhang, Zengjie; Jacob, Dorrit; Gillikin, David P; Tütken, Thomas; Garbe-Schönberg, Dieter; McConnaughey, Ted; Soldati, Analía July 10, 2014 1:17:39 PM EST
Add Mg/Ca ratios in coralline algae record northwest Atlantic temperature variations and North Atlantic Oscillation relationships Gamboa, G; Halfar, J; Hetzinger, S; Adey, W; Zack, T; Kunz, B; Jacob, D. E July 10, 2014 12:58:24 PM EST
Add Preexisting MEK1 Exon 3 mutations in V600E/KBRAF melanomas do not confer resistance to BRAF inhibitors Shi, Hubing; Moriceau, Gatien; Halaban, Ruth; Kefford, Richard F; Long, Georgina V; Ribas, Antoni; Lo, Roger S; Kong, Xiangju; Koya, Richard C; Nazarian, Ramin; Pupo, Gulietta M; Bacchiocchi, Antonella; Dahlman, Kimberly B; Chmielowski, Bartosz; Sosman, Jeffrey A July 10, 2014 12:42:54 PM EST
Add Melanoma whole-exome sequencing identifies V600E B-RAF amplification-mediated acquired B-RAF inhibitor resistance Shi, Hubing; Moriceau, Gatien; Sosman, Jeffrey A.; Kefford, Richard F; Long, Georgina V; Nelson, Stanley F; Ribas, Antoni; Lo, Roger S; Kong, Xiangju; Lee, Mi-Kyung; Lee, Hane; Koya, Richard C; Ng, Charles; Chodon, Thinle; Scolyer, Richard A; Dahlman, Kimberly B July 10, 2014 12:41:26 PM EST
Add Justice and the ethical quality of leadership Rhodes, Carl July 10, 2014 12:40:01 PM EST
Add Organizational justice Rhodes, Carl July 10, 2014 12:36:31 PM EST
Add Creatively wise education in a knowledge economy Rooney, David July 10, 2014 12:33:11 PM EST
Add Older disabled workers' perceptions of volunteering Balandin, Susan; Llewellyn, Gwynnyth; Dew, Angela; Ballin, Liora; Schneider, Julie July 10, 2014 12:02:39 PM EST
Add 'We couldn't function without volunteers' : volunteering with a disability, the perspective of not-for-profit agencies Balandin, Susan; Llewellyn, Gwynnyth; Dew, Angela; Ballin, Liora July 10, 2014 11:53:53 AM EST
Add High-resolution analysis of trace elements in crustose coralline algae from the North Atlantic and North Pacific by laser ablation ICP-MS Hetzinger, S; Halfar, J; Zack, T; Gamboa, G; Jacob, D. E; Kunz, B.E; Kronz, A; Adey, W; Lebednik, P. A; Steneck, R. S July 10, 2014 11:50:07 AM EST
Add The Views of people who use speech generating devices on mentoring new learners Ballin, Liora; Balandin, Susan; Stancliffe, Roger J; Togher, Leanne July 10, 2014 11:42:18 AM EST
Add Clinical and pathologic factors associated with distant metastasis and survival in patients with thin primary cutaneous melanoma Murali, Rajmohan; Haydu, Lauren E; Scolyer, Richard A; Long, Georgina V; Quinn, Michael J; Saw, Robyn P. M; Shannon, Kerwin; Spillane, Andrew J; Stretch, Jonathan R; Kefford, Richard F; Thompson, John F July 10, 2014 11:39:04 AM EST
Add Sr/Ca and Mg/Ca ratios of ontogenetically old, long-lived bivalve shells (Arctica islandica) and their function as paleotemperature proxies Schone, Bernd R; Zhang, Zengjie; Radermacher, Pascal; Thébault, Julien; Jacob, Dorrit E; Nunn, Elizabeth V; Maurer, Anne-France July 10, 2014 11:36:48 AM EST
Add The Speech generating device (SGD) mentoring program : training adults who use an SGD to mentor Ballin, Liora; Balandin, Susan; Stancliffe, Roger J July 10, 2014 11:33:25 AM EST
Add The Speech generating device (SGD) mentoring program : an evaluation Ballin, Liora; Balandin, Susan; Stancliffe, Roger J July 10, 2014 11:27:24 AM EST
Add The Speech generating device (SGD) mentoring program : supporting the development of people learning to use an SGD Ballin, Liora; Balandin, Susan; Stancliffe, Roger J July 10, 2014 11:16:27 AM EST
Add Celebrating Australian indigenous art : valuing culture, relationships and building strength through Art Cameron, Liz July 10, 2014 10:58:44 AM EST
Add Distinguishing clinicopathologic features of patients with V600E and V600K BRAF-mutant metastatic melanoma Menzies, Alexander M; Haydu, Lauren E; Visintin, Lydia; Carlino, Matteo S; Howle, Julie R; Thompson, John F; Kefford, Richard F; Scolyer, Richard A; Long, Georgina V July 10, 2014 10:55:49 AM EST
Add The Compositional variability of eudialyte-group minerals Schilling, J; Wu, F.-Y; McCammon, C; Wenzel, T; Marks, M. A. W; Pfaff, K; Jacob, D. E; Markl, G July 10, 2014 10:44:39 AM EST
Add Dabrafenib in patients with Val600Glu or Val600Lys BRAF-mutant melanoma metastatic to the brain (BREAK-MB) : a multicentre, open-label, phase 2 trial Long, Georgina V; Trefzer, Uwe; Mortier, Laurent; Tawbi, Hussein; Wilhelm, Tabea; Zimmer, Lisa; Switzky, Julie; Swann, Suzanne; Martin, Anne-Marie; Guckert, Mary; Goodman, Vicki; Streit, Michael; Davies, Michael A; Kirkwood, John M; Schadendorf, Dirk; Kefford, Richard F; Ascierto, Paolo A; Chapman, Paul B; Puzanov, Igor; Hauschild, Axel; Robert, Caroline; Algazi, Alain July 10, 2014 10:15:29 AM EST
Add Initial stage of the Neogene volcanic arc in the Cordillera Principal of Mendoza (35°S) Sruoga, Patricia; Rubinstein, Nora A; Etcheverría, Mariela P; Cegarra, Marcelo; Kay, Suzanne M; Singer, Brad; Lee, James July 10, 2014 9:57:47 AM EST
Add Number of primary melanomas is an independent predictor of survival in patients with metastatic melanoma Murali, Rajmohan; Brown, Philip T; Kefford, Richard F; Scolyer, Richard A; Thompson, John F; Atkins, Michael B; Long, Georgina V July 10, 2014 8:47:08 AM EST
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