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Add Factors affecting the preoperative and postoperative extracellular fluid in the arm on the side of breast cancer : a cohort study Kilbreath, Sharon L; Refshauge, Kathryn M; Ward, Leigh C; Kastanias, Katrina; Yee, Jasmine; Koelmeyer, Louise A; Beith, Jane M; French, James R; Ung, Owen A; Black, Deborah July 27, 2017 12:12:03 PM AEST
Add The Dynamics of north-south migration in Ghana : perspectives of Nandom migrants in Accra Antwi Bosiakoh, Thomas; Tuota, Cyril Abe-ifaa; Marfo, Sylvia Ohene; Andoh, Paul July 27, 2017 12:05:02 PM AEST
Add Verbal repetition in primary progressive aphasia and Alzheimer's disease Leyton, Cristian E; Savage, Sharon; Irish, Muireann; Schubert, Samantha; Piguet, Olivier; Ballard, Kirrie; Hodges, John R July 27, 2017 9:28:36 AM AEST
Add What do egg size distributions in marine invertebrates tell us about validity of fecundity-time models? Kupriyanova, Elena K July 27, 2017 9:04:54 AM AEST
Add Serpulids (Annelida, Polychaeta) at Cretaceous to modern hydrocarbon seeps : ecological and evolutionary patterns Vinn, Olev; Kupriyanova, Elena K; Kiel, Steffen July 27, 2017 8:55:09 AM AEST