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Add 1 The sensual and the moral: "Kongzi shilun" 孔子詩論 as an exegesis of the Shijing 詩經 955702
Add 2 Shendu and Qingdu : reading the recovered bamboo and silk manuscripts 389089
Add 3 El principio de proporcionalidad y los derechos fundamentales : el principio de proporcionalidad como criterio para determinar el contenido de los derechos fundamentales vinculante para el legislador 143899
Add 4 Contested discourses of women's identity in Chinese print media 49016
Add 5 Identification of seven new prostate cancer susceptibility loci through a genome-wide association study 37615
Add 6 A "Candidate-interactome" aggregate analysis of genome-wide association data in multiple sclerosis 36095
Add 7 An open letter to the BMJ editors on qualitative research 32167
Add 8 Genomic classification of cutaneous melanoma 29203
Add 9 The Genome Sequence of Taurine Cattle: A Window to Ruminant Biology and Evolution 28423
Add 10 The second data release of the INT Photometric Hα Survey of the Northern Galactic Plane (IPHAS DR2) 27047
Add 11 Analysis of heritability and shared heritability based on genome-wide association studies for 13 cancer types 25160
Add 12 The Ocean sampling day consortium 24744
Add 13 The Second data release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey 22298
Add 14 The Conservation status of the world's reptiles 22273
Add 15 Global consequences of land use 17846
Add 16 Revisiting the Westerlund 2 field with the HESS telescope array 17638
Add 17 Nivolumab versus everolimus in advanced renal-cell carcinoma 16498
Add 18 Radiotherapy for prostate cancer : is it ‘what you do’ or ‘the way that you do it’? A UK perspective on technique and quality assurance 14754
Add 19 Climate change, phenology, and phenological control of vegetation feedbacks to the climate system 13827
Add 20 Genome sequence of the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum 12879
Add 21 Environmental Genome Shotgun Sequencing of the Sargasso Sea 12530
Add 22 The complete genome sequence of the Arabidopsis and tomato pathogen Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato DC3000 11930
Add 23 Rates of diagnostic transition and cognitive change at 18-month follow-up among 1,112 participants in the Australian Imaging, Biomarkers and Lifestyle Flagship Study of Ageing (AIBL) 11599
Add 24 A General predictive model for estimating monthly ecosystem evapotranspiration 11455
Add 25 Annexin A1 expression in a pooled breast cancer series : association with tumor subtypes and prognosis 11003
Add 26 Genome-wide meta-analysis identifies five new susceptibility loci for cutaneous malignant melanoma 10699
Add 27 Rapid fear detection relies on high spatial frequencies 10452
Add 28 Genome-wide association analyses identify new risk variants and the genetic architecture of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 10361
Add 29 Challenged but not defeated by technology : why the postal rule should apply to contracts formed by email 10350
Add 30 Mutations in COQ2 in familial and sporadic multiple-system atrophy the multiple-system atrophy research collaboration 10215
Add 31 The radial velocity experiment (RAVE) : fourth data release 9629
Add 32 An Estimate of the number of tropical tree species 8986
Add 33 ERBB4 mutations that disrupt the neuregulin-ErbB4 pathway cause amyotrophic lateral sclerosis type 19 8801
Add 34 1000 Norms Project : protocol of a cross-sectional study cataloging human variation 8791
Add 35 Toward a metabolic theory of ecology 8677
Add 36 Is email an effective method for hospital discharge communication? A randomized controlled trial to examine delivery of computer-generated discharge summaries by email, fax, post and patient hand delivery 8162
Add 37 1960s in Australia : people, power and politics 8106
Add 38 Rutile crystals as potential trace element and isotope mineral standards for microanalysis 8065
Add 39 TRY - a global database of plant traits 7692
Add 40 Reconciling the optimal and empirical approaches to modelling stomatal conductance 7668
Add 41 The relationship between perceived leadership styles and employee engagement: the moderating role of employee characteristics 7635
Add 42 Overview of the SDSS-IV MaNGA survey : mapping nearby galaxies at Apache Point Observatory 7253
Add 43 The genome sequence of Bacillus anthracis Ames and comparison to closely related bacteria 7138
Add 44 Distance determination for RAVE stars using stellar models 7121
Add 45 Trends in the sources and sinks of carbon dioxide 7108
Add 46 Perceptions of IELTS in Cambodia : a case study of test impact in a small developing country 6900
Add 47 Double-lined spectroscopic binary stars in the RAVE survey 6897
Add 48 Racial Equality Bill: Japanese proposal at Paris Peace Conference : diplomatic manoeuvres and reasons for rejection 6814
Add 49 The role of the independent non-executive director in Australia 6655
Add 50 Contemporary issues in management and organisational behaviour 6652