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AckemannAckemann, T.; Jimenez, J.; Noblet, Y.; Radwell, N.; Ren, G.; Paulau, PV; McIntyre, C.; Oppo, GL; Toomey, JP; Kane, DMDynamics and interaction of laser cavity solitonsin broad-area semiconductor lasers2016book chaptermq_res-se-554468Feb 14 09:33
AgarwalAgarwal, H.; Gupta, C.; Dey, S.; Khandelwal, S.; Hu, C.; Chauhan, YSAnomalous transconductance in long channel halo implanted MOSFETs : analysis and modeling2017journal articlemq_res-se-577359Feb 20 11:49
AgarwalAgarwal, Harshit; Gupta, Chetan; Kushwaha, Pragya; Yadav, Chandan; Duarte, Juan P; Khandelwal, Sourabh; Hu, Chenming; Chauhan, Yogesh SAnalytical modeling and experimental validation of threshold voltage in BSIM6 MOSFET model2015journal articlemq_res-se-578012Feb 20 13:49
AgarwalAgarwal, Harshit; Khandelwal, Sourabh; Dey, Sagnik; Hu, Chenming; Chauhan, Yogesh SinghAnalytical modeling of flicker noise in halo implanted MOSFETs2015journal articlemq_res-se-578011Feb 20 13:49
AgarwalAgarwal, Harshit; Kushwaha, Pragya; Gupta, Chetan; Khandelwal, Sourabh; Hu, Chenming; Chauhan, Yogesh SinghAnalysis and modeling of flicker noise in lateral asymmetric channel MOSFETs2016journal articlemq_res-se-577739Feb 20 13:18
AhmadiAhmadi, Nazanin; Snidvongs, Kornkiat; Kalish, Larry; Sacks, Raymond; Tumuluri, Krishna; Wilcsek, Geoff; Harvey, RichardIntranasal corticosteroids do not affect intraocular pressure or lens opacity: a systematic review of controlled trials2015journal articlemq_res-se-458720May 3 2016
AhsanAhsan, Sheikh Aamir; Ghosh, Sudip; Sharma, Khushboo; Dasgupta, Avirup; Khandelwal, Sourabh; Chauhan, Yogesh SinghCapacitance modeling in dual field-plate power GaN HEMT for accurate switching behavior2016journal articlemq_res-se-577665Feb 20 14:43
AlabiAlabi, AB; Forbes, DA; Romanowsky, AJ; Brodie, JP; Strader, J.; Janz, J.; Pota, V.; Pastorello, N.; Usher, C.; Spitler, LR; Foster, C.; Jennings, ZG; Villaume, A.; Kartha, S.The SLUGGS survey : the mass distribution in early-type galaxies within five effective radii and beyond2016journal articlemq_res-se-558006Dec 19 12:54
AlazabAlazab, M.; Broadhurst, R.An Analysis of the nature of spam as cybercrime2017book chaptermq_res-se-567858Jan 12 15:13
AlcorsoAlcorso, J.; Sherman, KA; Koelmeyer, L.; Mackie, H.; Boyages, J.Perceived barriers to adherence to breast cancer-related lymphoedema self-management2016journal articlemq_res-se-576874Feb 22 10:51
AnandakumarAnandakumar, T.; Connaughton, E.; Coltheart, M.; Langdon, R.Belief-bias reasoning in non-clinical delusion-prone individuals2017journal articlemq_res-se-561507Feb 14 10:18
ArguelArguel, A.; Perez-Concha, O.; Li, SYW; Lau, AYSTheoretical approaches of online social network interventions and implications for behavioral change: A systematic review2016journal articlemq_res-se-563539Feb 16 11:39
AritaArita, Yoshihiko; Ploschner, Martin; Antkowiak, Maciej; Gunn-Moore, Frank; Dholakia, KishanSingle cell transfection by laser-induced breakdown of an optically trapped gold nanoparticle2014conference papermq_res-se-392431Mar 7 2016
ArriolaArriola, A.; Norris, B.; Cvetojevic, N.; Gross, S.; Lawrence, J.; Withford, M.; Tuthill, P.First on-sky demonstration of a compact fully-integrated Photonic Waveguide Nulling Interferometer2016conference papermq_res-se-577042Feb 20 21:00
AsadniaAsadnia, M.; Kottapalli, AGP; Miao, JM; Randles, AB; Tsai, JMPerformance analysisis of PZT (0.52/0.48) for high temperature and pressure sensing applications2013conference papermq_res-se-544313Dec 14 21:00
AsadniaAsadnia, M.; Kottapalli, AGP; Shen, Z.; Miao, JM; Barbastathis, G.; Triantafyllou, MSFlexible, Zero Powered, Piezoelectric Mems Pressure Sensor Arrays For Fish-like Passive Underwater Sensing In Marine Vehicles2013conference papermq_res-se-544162Dec 13 21:00
AsadniaAsadnia, M.; Miao, J.; Kottapalli, AGP; Valdivia Y Alvarado, P.; Triantafyllou, MSSelf-powered micro-sensors to improve control and maneuvering of a robotic stingray2014conference papermq_res-se-544307Dec 14 21:00
AsadniaAsadnia, Mohsen; Chua, Lloyd HC; Qin, XS; Talei, AminImproved Particle Swarm Optimization-Based Artificial Neural Network for Rainfall-Runoff Modeling2014journal articlemq_res-se-544157Feb 1 15:34
AtwellAtwell, BJWell-designed experiments make proteomic studies on stressed plants meaningful2016book chaptermq_res-se-571946Jan 19 21:00
BaldryBaldry, IK; Driver, SP; Loveday, J.; Taylor, EN; Kelvin, LS; Liske, J.; Norberg, P.; Robotham, ASG; Brough, S.; Hopkins, AM; Bamford, SP; Peacock, JA; Bland-Hawthorn, J.; Conselice, CJ; Croom, SM; Jones, DH; Parkinson, HR; Popescu, CC; Prescott, M.; Sharp, RG; Tuffs, RJGalaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA) : the galaxy stellar mass function at z < 0.062012journal articlemq_res-se-465775Sep 21 15:18
BalzerBalzer, JC; Busch, SF; Bastian, G.; Town, G.; Koch, M.Alvarez optical components in the THz Regime2016conference papermq_res-se-577079Feb 22 09:17
BambachBambach, MR; Mitchell, RJSafe system approach to reducing serious injury risk in motorcyclist collisions with fixed hazards2014journal articlemq_res-se-447764Dec 16 2015
BarfodBarfod, Michael Bruhn; van den Honert, Robin; Salling, Kim BangModeling group perceptions using stochastic simulation : scaling issues in the multiplicative AHP2016journal articlemq_res-se-544581Dec 19 15:01
BarkerBarker, F; Post, B; Schmidt, A-E; McCarthy, MIdentifying criterial aspects of pronunciation in L2 English across CEFR levels : implications for language learning2012conference papermq_res-se-465629Nov 14 12:35
BauerBauer, R.; Lubeigt, W.; Li, R.; Clark, C.; McBrearty, E.; Uttamchandani, D.Power-scaling MEMS Q-switched solid-state lasers2013conference papermq_res-se-132503Feb 17 21:00
BautistaBautista, MG; Dutkiewicz, E.; Heimlich, M.Subthreshold energy harvesters circuits for biomedical implants applications2016conference papermq_res-se-551665Feb 20 21:00
BeathBeath, KJMetaplus: An R package for the analysis of robust meta-analysis and meta-regression2016journal articlemq_res-se-577082Feb 20 21:00
BeeversBeevers, Andrew J; Damianoglou, Angeliki; Oates, Joanne; Rodger, Alison; Dixon, Ann MSequence-Dependent Oligomerization of the Neu Transmembrane Domain Suggests Inhibition of "Conformational Switching" by an Oncogenic Mutant2010journal articlemq_res-se-578122Feb 20 12:18
BeggsBeggs, P.Impacts of Climate Change on Allergens and Allergic Diseases2016bookmq_res-se-576762Jan 31 21:00
BennettBennett, CL; Fallah-Arani, F.; Conlan, T.; Trouillet, C.; Goold, H.; Chorro, L.; Flutter, B.; Means, TK; Geissmann, F.; Chakraverty, R.Langerhans cells regulate cutaneous injury by licensing CD8 effector cells recruited to the skin2011journal articlemq_res-se-576985Feb 10 09:54
BirdBird, Trevor SFundamentals of Aperture Antennas and Arrays From Theory to Design, Fabrication and Testing2016bookmq_res-se-549760May 5 2016
BlattererBlatterer, H.; Magaraggia, S.Encountering friendship with Francesco Alberoni2017book chaptermq_res-se-568232Jan 18 16:45
BlytheBlythe, J.From ethical datives to number markers in Murriny Patha2010book chaptermq_res-se-542221Feb 26 2016
BlytheBlythe, J.Laughter is the best medicine : roles for prosody in a Murriny Patha conversational narrative2010book chaptermq_res-se-542219Feb 26 2016
BohacsBohacs, KM; Norton, IO; Gilbert, D.; Neal, JE; Kennedy, M.; Borkowski, W.; Rottman, M.; Burke, T.The accumulation of organic-matter-rich rocks within an earth systems framework: The integrated roles of plate tectonics, atmosphere, ocean, and biota through the Phanerozoic2012book chaptermq_res-se-556968Aug 12 2016
BoltonBolton, PE; Rollins, LA; Griffith, SCColour polymorphism is likely to be disadvantageous to some populations and species due to genetic architecture and morph interactions2016journal articlemq_res-se-551143Jul 6 2016
BordenabeBordenabe, N.; McIver, A.; Morgan, C.; Rabehaja, T.Compositional security and collateral leakage2016journal articlemq_res-se-577264Feb 16 11:40
BourneBourne, N.; Maddox, SJ; Dunne, L.; Auld, R.; Baes, M.; Baldry, IK; Bonfield, DG; Cooray, A.; Croom, SM; Dariush, A.; de Zotti, G.; Driver, SP; Dye, S.; Eales, S.; Gomez, HL; Gonzalez-Nuevo, J.; Hopkins, AM; Ibar, E.; Jarvis, MJ; Lapi, A.; Madore, B.; Michalowski, MJ; Pohlen, M.; Popescu, CC; Rigby, EE; Seibert, M.; Smith, DJB; Tuffs, RJ; van der Werf, P.; Brough, S.; Buttiglione, S.; Cava, A.; Clements, DL; Conselice, CJ; Fritz, J.; Hopwood, R.; Ivison, RJ; Jones, DH; Kelvin, LS; Liske, J.; Loveday, J.; Norberg, P.; Robotham, ASG; Rodighiero, G.; Temi, P.Herschel★-ATLAS/GAMA : a census of dust in optically selected galaxies from stacking at submillimetre wavelengths2012journal articlemq_res-se-465781Sep 21 14:56
BowerBower, MattA Framework For Adaptive Learning Design In A Multimodal Learning Environment2013conference papermq_res-se-456388Oct 22 2015
BowerBower, MattLooking Glass Into The Future: Why Augmented Reality Will Make The World Wide Web Seem Like A Rounding Error2013conference papermq_res-se-456387Oct 22 2015
BradleyBradley, R.; Segal, S.; Cicmil, S.An existential hermeneutic philosophical approach to project management2016journal articlemq_res-se-576758Feb 1 12:52
BradyBrady, P.; Kangas, M.; Mcgill, K."Family Matters": A Systematic Review of the Evidence For Family Psychoeducation For Major Depressive Disorder2016journal articlemq_res-se-568211Feb 16 11:41
BraithwaiteBraithwaite, J.A Rejoinder by Jeffrey Braithwaite : Darwinian evolution and the social sciences2009journal articlemq_res-se-562741Feb 7 13:49
BraithwaiteBraithwaite, J.Resilient Health Care, Volume 3 Reconciling Work-as-Imagined and Work-as-Done2016bookmq_res-se-576831Feb 2 21:00
BraithwaiteBraithwaite, J; Westbrook, JIA survey of senior managers' participation in performance review programs in NSW public hospitals1991journal articlemq_res-se-460300Feb 9 13:22
BreenBreen, SL; Ellingsen, SP; Contreras, Y.; Green, JA; Caswell, JL; Stevens, JB; Dawson, JR; Voronkov, MAConfirmation of the exclusive association between 6.7-GHz methanol masers and high-mass star formation regions2013journal articlemq_res-se-556244Feb 13 14:36
BriggBrigg, P.; Chik, HHAFluency development through extensive reading : two case studies2016journal articlemq_res-se-576897Feb 16 15:00
BryantBryant, JJ; Bland-Hawthorn, J.; Lawrence, J.; Croom, S.; Brown, D.; Venkatesan, S.; Gillingham, PR; Zhelem, R.; Content, R.; Saunders, W.; Staszak, NF; Van De Sande, J.; Couch, W.; Leon-Saval, S.; Tims, J.; McDermid, R.; Schaefer, A.Hector: A new massively multiplexed IFU instrument for the Anglo-Australian Telescope2016conference papermq_res-se-573658Feb 14 21:00
BryantBryant, JJ; Bland-Hawthorn, J.; Lawrence, J.; Croom, S.; Fogarty, L.; Goodwin, M.; Richards, S.; Farrell, T.; Miziarski, S.; Heald, R.; Jones, H.; Lee, S.; Colless, M.; Birchall, M.; Hopkins, AM; Brough, S.; Bauer, AESAMI - A new multi-object IFS for the Anglo-Australian telescope2012conference papermq_res-se-465767Dec 2 2015
BurchfieldBurchfield, R."The man of Jeme" : designations of place and witness statements in Western Thebes2016book chaptermq_res-se-576714Feb 3 15:18
BurmeisterBurmeister, EA; Jordan, SJ; O Connell, DL; Beesley, VL; Goldstein, D.; Gooden, HM; Janda, M.; Merrett, ND; Wyld, D.; Neale, RE; Cosman, PH; Bullen, A.; Burge, M.; Eastgate, M.; Powell, J.; Deuble, M.; Pryor, D.; Whelan, J.; Algie, L.; Gupta, S.; Lynch, SV; Burmeister, BH; Slater, K.; Fletcher, D.; Van Hazel, G.; Raftopoulos, S.; Spry, N.; Agar, M.; Brecciaroli, F.; Burmeister, BH; Caird, S.; Cameron, D.; Chan, P.; Chantrill, L.; Christie, D.; Chua, YJ; Croese, J.; Cronk, M.; Gani, J.; Grimison, P.; Gupta, S.; Hruby, G.; Jefford, M.; Merrett, N.; Samra, JS; Slater, K.; Wysocki, APUsing a Delphi process to determine optimal care for patients with pancreatic cancer2016journal articlemq_res-se-566606Jan 18 15:26
BusseyBussey, K.; Fitzpatrick, S.The Role of moral disengagement and self-efficacy in cyber bullying2013conference papermq_res-se-543885Mar 9 2016
CaballeroCaballero, WL; Taylor, M; Rahman, A; Shrestha, SRegionalisation of Intensity-Frequency-Duration Data: A Case Study for New South Wales2011conference papermq_res-se-465657Oct 1 2015
CaldisCaldis, S.Investigating the Quarantine station as an important and connected place : Stage 1 Geography - part 12016journal articlemq_res-se-576899Feb 22 08:48
CarmanCarman, R.; Goldberg, N.; Hansen, S.; Gore, N.Performance enhancement of a dielectric barrier discharge vacuum-ultraviolet photon source using short-pulsed electrical excitation2016conference papermq_res-se-578074Feb 16 21:00
CarsonCarson, Dean S; Guastella, Adam J; Hunt, Glenn E; Cornish, Jennifer L; Arnold, Jonathon C; Boucher, Aurelie A; Bosanquet, David; McGregor, Lain SOxytocin as a Novel Treatment for Drug Dependence: From the Bench, to the Street, to the Clinic2010conference papermq_res-se-375533Mar 30 2016
ChauhanChauhan, YS; Lu, DD; Vanugopalan, S.; Khandelwal, S.; Duarte, JP; Paydavosi, N.; Niknejad, A.; Hu, C.FinFET Modeling for IC Simulation and Design: Using the BSIM-CMG Standard2015bookmq_res-se-577789Feb 16 21:00
ChavanChavan, M.Globalization/Internationalization [encyclopaedia entry]2017book chaptermq_res-se-577242Feb 14 21:00
ChenChen, Maosheng; Huang, Jun; Wang, Jianhong; Ning, Ping; Jiang, Yijiao; Xu, YanThermal Behaviors and Regeneration of Activated Carbon Saturated with Toluene Induced by Microwave Irradiation2009journal articlemq_res-se-556756Feb 9 11:55
ChenChen, Z.; Gallagher, DR; Lee, ADTesting the effect of portfolio holdings disclosure in an environment absent of mandatory disclosure2016journal articlemq_res-se-551450Sep 26 09:36
ChmelChmel, Nikola Paul; Scott, Peter; Rodger, AlisonConsiderations of noise and measurement reproducibility of circular dichroism measurements using Na[Coᴵᴵᴵ(EDDS)]2012journal articlemq_res-se-578129Feb 22 09:43
ChoatChoat, M.; Cromwell, J.Thebes in late antiquity2016book chaptermq_res-se-576713Feb 3 16:11
ChoatChoat, M.Posidonios and the monks of TT233 on Dra Abu el-Naga2016book chaptermq_res-se-576715Feb 3 15:18
ChongChong, T.; Bonnelle, V.; Husain, M.Quantifying motivation with effort-based decision-making paradigms in health and disease2016journal articlemq_res-se-577308Feb 21 11:31
ChongChong, T.; Husain, M.The Role of dopamine in the pathophysiology and treatment of apathy2016journal articlemq_res-se-577307Feb 21 11:32
ChristodoulouChristodoulou, L.; Eminian, C.; Loveday, J.; Norberg, P.; Baldry, IK; Hurley, PD; Driver, SP; Bamford, SP; Hopkins, AM; Liske, J.; Peacock, JA; Bland-Hawthorn, J.; Brough, S.; Cameron, E.; Conselice, CJ; Croom, SM; Frenk, CS; Gunawardhana, M.; Jones, DH; Kelvin, LS; Kuijken, K.; Nichol, RC; Parkinson, H.; Pimbblet, KA; Popescu, CC; Prescott, M.; Robotham, ASG; Sharp, RG; Sutherland, WJ; Taylor, EN; Thomas, D.; Tuffs, RJ; van Kampen, E.; Wijesinghe, D.Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA) : colour- and luminosity-dependent clustering from calibrated photometric redshifts2012journal articlemq_res-se-97115Sep 30 12:38
ChurrucaChurruca, K.; Ussher, JM; Perz, J.Just desserts? Exploring constructions of food in women's experiences of bulimia2016journal articlemq_res-se-566414Feb 16 14:00
CinarCinar, Y.; Bilgin, AAA study on peer assessment of teamwork projects in undergraduate petroleum engineering education2009conference papermq_res-se-532294Apr 29 2016
CioccaCiocca, V.; Haywood, NRBoundary effects on the illusory continuity of an interrupted glide through a notched noise2013conference papermq_res-se-535010Jan 15 2016
ClarkeClarke, J.; Cooper, M.; George, S.; Hobbs, S.; Houlahan, S.; Murphy, G.; Silburn, K.; Sprigg, D.; Sprigg, M.; Waldie, J.Evaluating the performance of field science in an analogue EVA suit: stromatolite identification by geologists and non-geologists2015conference papermq_res-se-576783Feb 15 12:22
CletusCletus, B.; Olds, W.; Izake, EL; Fredericks, PM; Jaatinen, E.Concealed substance identification using a defocused inverse Spatially Offset Raman Spectrometer2011conference papermq_res-se-140280Dec 2 2015
CletusCletus, Biju; Olds, William; Izake, Emad L; Fredericks, Peter M; Panayiotou, Helen; Jaatinen, EsaTowards non-invasive detection of concealed energetic materials in-field under ambient light conditions2011conference papermq_res-se-140291Dec 2 2015
CletusCletus, Biju; Olds, William; Izake, Emad L; Sundarajoo, Shankaran; Fredericks, Peter M; Jaatinen, EsaField portable time resolved SORS sensor for the identification of concealed hazards2012conference papermq_res-se-140284Dec 2 2015
CollinsCollins, A.; Hay, I.; Heiner, I.Start with the end in mind : experiences of accelerated course completion by pre-service teachers and educators2013journal articlemq_res-se-571136Feb 20 15:42
ColtheartColtheart, M.Grandmother cells and the distinction between local and distributed representation2017journal articlemq_res-se-562727Feb 20 14:07
CookCook, M.; Theobald, D.; Avolio, A.; Peebles, K.; Butlin, M.Os 13-01 Brachial And Calculated Aortic Blood Pressure Differences When Measured From The Dominant And Non-dominant Arm2016journal articlemq_res-se-566667Feb 15 15:25
CorralCorral, Eva; Hotze, Anna CG; den Dulk, Hans; Leczkowska, Anna; Rodger, Alison; Hannon, Michael J; Reedijk, JanRuthenium polypyridyl complexes and their modes of interaction with DNA : is there a correlation between these interactions and the antitumor activity of the compounds?2009journal articlemq_res-se-578174Feb 20 14:05
CreppCrepp, JR; Crass, J.; King, D.; Bechter, A.; Bechter, E.; Ketterer, R.; Reynolds, R.; Hinz, P.; Kopon, D.; Cavalieri, D.; Fantano, L.; Koca, C.; Onuma, E.; Stapelfeldt, K.; Thomes, J.; Wall, S.; Macenka, S.; McGuire, J.; Korniski, R.; Zugby, L.; Eisner, J.; Gaudi, BS; Hearty, F.; Kratter, K.; Kuchner, M.; Micela, G.; Nelson, M.; Pagano, I.; Quirrenbach, A.; Schwab, C.; Skrutskie, M.; Sozzetti, A.; Woodward, C.; Zhao, B.ILocater: A diffraction-limited Doppler spectrometer for the Large Binocular Telescope2016conference papermq_res-se-573696Feb 14 21:00
CysiqueCysique, Lucette A; Myung-Lee, Jae; Lane, Tammy; Moffat, Kirsten; Davies, Nicholas; Carr, Andrew; Brew, Bruce J; Rae, CarolineGlutamate excitotoxicity, cortical and subcortical neuronal damage as potential markers of HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder (HAND): A 1H-MRS and neuropsychological study2010conference papermq_res-se-344691Aug 28 2015
D'ArcensD'Arcens, L.Serving time : the BBC "Knight's Tale" in the prison-house of free adaptation2016book chaptermq_res-se-567857Jan 23 11:17
D'EliaD'Elia, V.; Branchini, E.; La Franca, F.; Baccetti, V.; Matute, I.; Pozzi, F.; Gruppioni, C.The Redshift-space two-point correlation function of ELAIS-S1 galaxies2005journal articlemq_res-se-449768Oct 18 12:34
DamianoglouDamianoglou, Angeliki; Crust, Edward J; Hicks, Matthew R; Howson, Suzanne E; Knight, Alex E; Ravi, Jascindra; Scott, Peter; Rodger, AlisonA New reference material for UV-visible circular dichroism spectroscopy2008conference papermq_res-se-578147Feb 22 13:22
DamianoglouDamianoglou, Angeliki; Rodger, Alison; Pridmore, Catherine; Dafforn, Timothy R; Mosely, Jackie A; Sanderson, John M; Hicks, Matthew RThe Synergistic Action of Melittin and Phospholipase A2 with Lipid Membranes: Development of Linear Dichroism for Membrane-Insertion Kinetics2010journal articlemq_res-se-578139Feb 20 11:55
DasguptaDasgupta, Avirup; Agarwal, Amit; Khandelwal, Sourabh; Chauhan, Yogesh SinghCompact modeling of surface potential, charge, and current in nanoscale transistors under quasi-ballistic regime2016journal articlemq_res-se-577471Feb 20 14:55
DasguptaDasgupta, Avirup; Khandelwal, Sourabh; Chauhan, Yogesh SinghCompact modeling of flicker noise in HEMTs2014journal articlemq_res-se-577842Feb 20 15:09
DasguptaDasgupta, Avirup; Khandelwal, Sourabh; Chauhan, Yogesh SinghSurface potential based modeling of thermal noise for HEMT circuit simulation2015journal articlemq_res-se-577613Feb 20 15:23
DawsonDawson, JR; McClure-Griffiths, NM; Fukui, Y.; Dickey, J.; Wong, T.; Hughes, A.; Kawamura, A.The supershell-molecular cloud connection in the Milky Way and beyond2012conference papermq_res-se-556249Aug 5 2016
DawsonDawson, JR; McClure-Griffiths, NM; Fukui, Y.Supershells In The Multi-phase Milky Way: Insights From Hi Synthesis Imaging And Co Surveys2012conference papermq_res-se-556246Aug 5 2016
DawsonDawson, JR; McClure-Griffiths, NM; Wong, T.; Dickey, John M; Hughes, A.; Fukui, Y.; Kawamura, A.Supergiant shells and molecular cloud formation in the Large Magellanic Cloud2013journal articlemq_res-se-556251Feb 16 14:54
de Carvalhode Carvalho, A.; Lidz, J.; Tieu, L.; Bleam, T.; Christophe, A.English-speaking preschoolers can use phrasal prosody for syntactic parsing2016journal articlemq_res-se-552427Jan 19 10:18
de GrijsLi, C.; de Grijs, R.; Zheng, Y.; Deng, L.; Hu, Y.; Kouwenhoven, M.; Wicker, J.Gravitational conundrum? Dynamical mass segregation versus disruption of binary stars in dense stellar systems2013journal articlemq_res-se-565293Nov 9 13:11
DesideraDesidera, S.; D'Orazi, V.; Lugaro, M.Is beryllium ultra-depletion in solar-type stars linked to the presence of a white dwarf companion?2016journal articlemq_res-se-549786Nov 28 14:11
DickoDicko, Cedric; Hicks, Matthew R; Dafforn, Timothy R; Vollrath, Fritz; Rodger, Alison; Hoffmann, Soren VBreaking the 200 nm limit for routine flow linear dichroism measurements using UV synchrotron radiation2008journal articlemq_res-se-578159Feb 20 15:45
DicksonDickson, J."Teaching" as traditioning in 1 Timothy 2:12 : an historical observation2016book chaptermq_res-se-577022Feb 7 21:00
DicksonDickson, J.Response : John Dickson2016book chaptermq_res-se-577023Feb 7 21:00
DicksonDickson, J.Response : John Dickson2016book chaptermq_res-se-577024Feb 7 21:00
DingDing, Yunhong; Kamchevska, Valerija; Dalgaard, Kjeld; Ye, Feihong; Asif, Rameez; Gross, Simon; Withford, Michael J; Galili, Michael; Morioka, Toshio; Oxenlowe, Leif KatsuoExperimental Demonstration of 7 Tb/s Switching Using Novel Silicon Photonic Integrated Circuit2016conference papermq_res-se-577078Feb 16 21:00
DosooDosoo, K.Baktiotha : the origin of a magical name in P.Macq I 12016book chaptermq_res-se-577017Feb 7 21:00
DowDow, Claire E; Rodger, Alison; Roper, David I; van den Berg, Hugo AA Model of membrane contraction predicting initiation and completion of bacterial cell division2013journal articlemq_res-se-578118Feb 20 16:03
DowDow, Claire E; van den Berg, Hugo A; Roper, David I; Rodger, AlisonBiological insights from a simulation model of the critical FtsZ accumulation required for prokaryotic cell division2015journal articlemq_res-se-578109Feb 22 15:39
DownieDownie, A.; Hancock, M.; Rzewuska, M.; Lin, C.; Williams, C.; Maher, C.Trajectories of acute low back pain : a latent class growth analysis2015conference papermq_res-se-550383Jul 22 2016
DrooganDroogan, Julian; Waldek, LiseWhere are All the Cyber Terrorists? From Waiting for Cyber Attack to Understanding Audiences2016conference papermq_res-se-568154Dec 7 12:30
DudleyDudley, DA; Cotton, WG; Winslade, MJ; Wright, BJ; Jackson, KS; Brown, AM; Rock, V.An Objective and cross-sectional examination of sun-safe behaviours in New South Wales primary schools2017journal articlemq_res-se-576271Feb 21 14:10
DUFFYDUFFY, BL; NELSON, PF; CURRYHYDE, HEN-15 Labeling Studies Of The Effect Of Water On The Scr Reaction Of No With Nh3 Over Amorphous And Crystalline Chromia1994conference papermq_res-se-287984Oct 20 2015
DupreyDuprey, Jean-Louis HA; Bassani, Dario M; Hyde, Eva I; Ludwig, Christian; Rodger, Alison; Vyle, Joseph S; Wilkie, John; Zhao, Zheng-Yun; Tucker, James HRAnthracene-modified oligonucleotides as fluorescent DNA mismatch sensors : discrimination between various base-pair mismatches2011journal articlemq_res-se-578171Feb 21 14:18
EadyEady, M.; Woodcock, S.Understanding the need : using collaboratively created draft guiding principles to direct online synchronous learning in Indigenous communities2010journal articlemq_res-se-578196Feb 21 14:22
EllingsenEllingsen, SP; Breen, SL; Voronkov, MA; Dawson, JRTesting maser-based evolutionary schemes : a new search for 37.7-GHz methanol masers2013journal articlemq_res-se-556250Feb 16 13:01
EllisEllis, L.; Einfeld, S.Structured assessment of mental health problems in children and adolescents with intellectual disabilities2011book chaptermq_res-se-567167Nov 22 11:07
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