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AhadAhad, Taimur; Busch, Peter; Blount, Yvette; Vatanasakdakul, Savanid NuiEmpowering RMG workers : towards a conceptual framework2016conference papermq_res-se-578710Apr 5 11:59
AhadAhad, Taimur; Busch, Peter; Blount, Yvette; Vatanasakdakul, Savanid NuiMobile phone enabled SCM : the Bangladeshi RMG sector2016conference papermq_res-se-578709Apr 5 11:59
AhmadiAhmadi, Nazanin; Snidvongs, Kornkiat; Kalish, Larry; Sacks, Raymond; Tumuluri, Krishna; Wilcsek, Geoff; Harvey, RichardIntranasal corticosteroids do not affect intraocular pressure or lens opacity: a systematic review of controlled trials2015journal articlemq_res-se-458720May 3 2016
ArguelArguel, A.; Perez-Concha, O.; Li, SYW; Lau, AYSTheoretical approaches of online social network interventions and implications for behavioral change: A systematic review2016journal articlemq_res-se-563539Mar 28 15:45
BambachBambach, MR; Mitchell, RJSafe system approach to reducing serious injury risk in motorcyclist collisions with fixed hazards2014journal articlemq_res-se-447764Dec 16 2015
BlytheBlythe, J.From ethical datives to number markers in Murriny Patha2010book chaptermq_res-se-542221Apr 18 11:56
BordenabeBordenabe, N.; McIver, A.; Morgan, C.; Rabehaja, T.Compositional security and collateral leakage2016journal articlemq_res-se-577264Mar 31 13:06
BurmeisterBurmeister, EA; Jordan, SJ; O Connell, DL; Beesley, VL; Goldstein, D.; Gooden, HM; Janda, M.; Merrett, ND; Wyld, D.; Neale, RE; Cosman, PH; Bullen, A.; Burge, M.; Eastgate, M.; Powell, J.; Deuble, M.; Pryor, D.; Whelan, J.; Algie, L.; Gupta, S.; Lynch, SV; Burmeister, BH; Slater, K.; Fletcher, D.; Van Hazel, G.; Raftopoulos, S.; Spry, N.; Agar, M.; Brecciaroli, F.; Burmeister, BH; Caird, S.; Cameron, D.; Chan, P.; Chantrill, L.; Christie, D.; Chua, YJ; Croese, J.; Cronk, M.; Gani, J.; Grimison, P.; Gupta, S.; Hruby, G.; Jefford, M.; Merrett, N.; Samra, JS; Slater, K.; Wysocki, APUsing a Delphi process to determine optimal care for patients with pancreatic cancer2016journal articlemq_res-se-566606Jan 18 15:26
CarrollCarroll, D.; Tani, M.Job search as a determinant of graduate over-education: evidence from Australia2015journal articlemq_res-se-583775Apr 24 21:00
ChenChen, W.; Deng, W.; Goldys, EMEnhanced gene silencing mediated by photoresponsive liposomes2016conference papermq_res-se-577327Apr 12 12:31
ChowChow, J.; Collingridge, L.; Equinox, KL; Frasca, S.; Simmonds, R.; Tomlins, M.; Wheeler, K.Identfying factors associated with the uptake of home dialysis : observatonal study methodology2016journal articlemq_res-se-570553Apr 24 15:32
ChristopherChristopher, EMThe geopolitics of immigrant labour: A climate of fear2016book chaptermq_res-se-579781Apr 11 10:01
ChurrucaChurruca, K.; Ussher, JM; Perz, J.Just desserts? Exploring constructions of food in women's experiences of bulimia2016journal articlemq_res-se-566414Mar 28 15:48
ClarkeClarke, J.; Cooper, M.; George, S.; Hobbs, S.; Houlahan, S.; Murphy, G.; Silburn, K.; Sprigg, D.; Sprigg, M.; Waldie, J.Evaluating the performance of field science in an analogue EVA suit : stromatolite identification by geologists and non-geologists2016conference papermq_res-se-576783Apr 24 09:56
CopelandCopeland, J.; Rooke, S.; Rodriquez, D.; Norberg, MM; Gibson, L.Comparison of brief versus extended personalised feedback in an online intervention for cannabis users : short-term findings of a randomised trial2017journal articlemq_res-se-578086Apr 24 14:05
CostaCosta, DSJ; Smith, A.; Fardell, JEThe Sum of all fears : conceptual challenges with measuring fear of cancer recurrence2016journal articlemq_res-se-573962Apr 21 13:03
CupplesCupples, L.; Ching, TY; Button, L.; Leigh, G.; Marnane, V.; Whitfield, J.; Gunnourie, M.; Martin, L.Language and speech outcomes of children with hearing loss and additional disabilities : identifying the variables that influence performance at five years of age2016journal articlemq_res-se-561485Mar 28 15:47
DaviesDavies, K.Changing tides - a south pacific study2016journal articlemq_res-se-583565Apr 24 21:00
DoyleDoyle, LW; Anderson, PJ; Haslam, R.; Lee, KJ; Crowther, C.School-age outcomes of very preterm infants after antenatal treatment with magnesium sulfate vs placebo2014journal articlemq_res-se-375322Apr 24 15:14
DumayDumay, J.Citation classics published in knowledge management journals. Part III: author2017journal articlemq_res-se-583748Apr 24 21:00
GeorgiouGeorgiou, G.; Wakefield, CE; McGill, BC; Fardell, JE; Signorelli, C.; Hanlon, L.; Tucker, K.; Patenaude, AF; Cohn, RJGenetic testing for the risk of developing late effects among survivors of childhood cancer : consumer understanding, acceptance, and willingness to pay2016journal articlemq_res-se-573958Apr 24 14:30
GolzanGolzan, S Mojtaba; Goozee, Kathryn; Georgevsky, Dana; Avolio, Alberto; Chatterjee, Pratishtha; Shen, Kaikai; Gupta, Vivek; Chung, Roger; Savage, Greg; Orr, Carolyn F; Martins, Ralph N; Graham, Stuart LRetinal vascular and structural changes are associated with amyloid burden in the elderly : ophthalmic biomarkers of preclinical Alzheimer's disease2017journal articlemq_res-se-578580Apr 24 13:56
GriffinGriffin, WL; Mcgowan, NM; Gonzalez-Jimenez, JM; Belousova, EA; Howell, D.; Afonso, JC; Yang, JS; Shi, R.; O'reilly, SY; Pearso, NJTransition-zone mineral assemblages in peridotite massifs, Tibet : implications for collision-zone dynamics and orogenic peridotites2015conference papermq_res-se-563499Apr 24 12:11
HartHart, M.; Rabien, S.; Busoni, L.; Barl, L.; Beckmann, U.; Bonaglia, M.; Boose, Y.; Borelli, JL; Bluemchen, T.; Carbonaro, L.; Connot, C.; Deysenroth, M.; Davies, R.; Durney, O.; Elberich, M.; Ertl, T.; Esposito, S.; Gaessler, W.; Gasho, V.; Gemperlein, H.; Hubbard, P.; Kanneganti, S.; Kulas, M.; Newman, K.; Noenickx, J.; Orban de Xivry, G.; Peter, D.; Quirrenbach, A.; Rademacher, M.; Schwab, C.; Storm, J.; Vaitheeswaran, V.; Weigelt, G.; Ziegleder, J.Status report on the Large Binocular Telescope's ARGOS ground-layer AO system2011conference papermq_res-se-583732Apr 24 11:50
HartnettHartnett, John G; Parker, Stephen R; Ivanov, Eugene N; Povey, Travis; Nand, Nitin R; Floch, Jean-Michel leComparison of ultra-stable radio frequency signals synthesized from2013journal articlemq_res-se-109389Mar 28 15:43
HauglandHaugland, BSM; Raknes, S.; Haaland, AT; Wergeland, GJ; Bjaastad, JF; Baste, V.; Himle, J.; Rapee, R.; Hoffart, A.School-based cognitive behavioral interventions for anxious youth : study protocol for a randomized controlled trial2017journal articlemq_res-se-578918Apr 24 12:53
HicksHicks, C.; Jorgensen, W.; Brown, C.; Fardell, J.; Koehbach, J.; Gruber, CW; Kassiou, M.; Hunt, GE; McGregor, ISThe Nonpeptide Oxytocin Receptor Agonist WAY 267,464: Receptor-Binding Profile, Prosocial Effects and Distribution of c-Fos Expression in Adolescent Rats2012journal articlemq_res-se-573952Apr 20 21:00
HitzemanHitzeman, C.; Wastell, C.Are Atheists Implicit Theists?2017journal articlemq_res-se-578841Apr 24 12:57
HochmanHochman, A.; Lipphardt, V.Rasse oder Vielfalt – was sagt die Wissensforschung? Kontroverse Annäherungen an die Kategorie race2016book chaptermq_res-se-578470Mar 23 10:38
IslamIslam, SMS; Tabassum, R.; Colet, PC; Cruz, JP; Dey, S.; Rawal, LB; Islam, A.Human resources for mental health in low and middle income countries : evidence from Bangladesh2017book chaptermq_res-se-581303Apr 19 10:21
JablonskiJablonski, S.; Maciaszek, L.ENASE 2009 - 4th International Conference on Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering, Proceedings: Foreword2009bookmq_res-se-583770Apr 24 21:00
KalyugaKalyuga, M.Russkij iazyk : igry, zagadki, uprazhnenija2016bookmq_res-se-571139Mar 9 11:10
KarusoKaruso, P.Editorship : Marine drugs2016journal articlemq_res-se-579783Apr 13 14:36
KarusoKaruso, P.Editorship : Molecules2016journal articlemq_res-se-579784Apr 13 14:59
KarusoKaruso, P.Editorship : Proteome science2016journal articlemq_res-se-579785Apr 13 15:27
KarusoKaruso, P.The Royal Australian Chemical Institute NSW Organic Chemistry Group 37th Annual One-Day Symposium : program and book of abstracts2016conference papermq_res-se-579611Apr 5 21:00
KennyKenny, R.; Liu, F.Cooperative trifunctional organocatalysts for proficient proton transfer reactions2016journal articlemq_res-se-566547Mar 31 10:16
KhongKhong, BSLCoroner’s inquest into an Australian television anchorwoman’s suicide: Implications for clinical practice and suicide prevention2017journal articlemq_res-se-578917Apr 21 13:27
KoutrasKoutras, N.Educational resources and digital repositories of open access: an alternative educational method of information access2013bookmq_res-se-560164Mar 23 10:38
KrogsgaardKrogsgaard, LR; Engsbro, AL; Jones, MP; Bytzer, P.The Epidemiology of irritable bowel syndrome : symptom development over a 3-year period in Denmark. A prospective, population-based cohort study2017journal articlemq_res-se-571866Apr 24 14:49
LangfordLangford, PH; Dougall, CB; Parkes, LPMeasuring leader behaviour : evidence for a “big five” model of leadership2017journal articlemq_res-se-578349Apr 24 14:18
LauLau, Annie YS; Coiera, Enrico WImpact of web searching and social feedback on consumer decision making: A prospective online experiment2008journal articlemq_res-se-370022Mar 17 2016
MaMa, WY; Zhou, P.; Crain, S.; Gao, LQLexical tones and word learning in mandarin-speaking children at three years of age2017journal articlemq_res-se-583570Apr 21 09:48
MalhamMalham, GM; Ellis, NJ; Parker, RM; Blecher, CM; White, R.; Goss, B.; Seex, KAMaintenance of segmental lordosis and disk height in stand-alone and instrumented extreme lateral interbody fusion (XLIF)2017journal articlemq_res-se-547727Apr 18 13:52
MartinelliMartinelli, JC; Kosnik, MA; Madin, JSPassive defensive traits are not good predictors of predation for in faunal reef bivalves2016journal articlemq_res-se-583749Apr 24 21:00
Martínez CatalánMartinez Catalan, Jose R; Gonzalez Clavijo, Emilio; Meireles, Carlos; Diez Fernandez, Ruben; Bevis, JamesRelationships between syn-orogenic sedimentation and nappe emplacement in the hinterland of the Variscan belt in NW Iberia deduced from detrital zircons2016journal articlemq_res-se-571644Mar 31 12:32
MavrouMavrou, A.; Brakspear, K.; Hamdollah-Zadeh, M.; Damodaran, G.; Babaei-Jadidi, R.; Oxley, J.; Gillatt, DA; Ladomery, MR; Harper, SJ; Bates, DO; Oltean, S.Serine-arginine protein kinase 1 (SRPK1) inhibition as a potential novel targeted therapeutic strategy in prostate cancer2015journal articlemq_res-se-378929Feb 10 2016
McLooneMcLoone, JK; Rapee, RMComparison of an anxiety management program for children implemented at home and school : lessons learned2012journal articlemq_res-se-581794Apr 21 15:21
MillsMills, K.; Baker, D.; Pacey, V.; Wollin, M.; Drew, MKWhat is the most accurate and reliable methodological approach for predicting peak height velocity in adolescents? A Systematic review2016journal articlemq_res-se-567750Mar 28 15:48
MonagleMonagle, C.The Scholastic project2017bookmq_res-se-578603Mar 23 16:30
NollNoll, KR; Fardell, JECommentary : "Neuropsychological assessment of individuals with brain tumor : comparison of approaches used in the classification of impairment"2015journal articlemq_res-se-573964Apr 24 14:14
O'MalleyO'Malley, SPPharmaceutical Benefits Scheme - not always cost effective for the chronically ill2016journal articlemq_res-se-583750Apr 24 21:00
PricePrice, MA; Butow, PN; Costa, DSJ; King, MT; Aldridge, LJ; Fardell, JE; deFazio, A.; Webb, PMPrevalence and predictors of anxiety and depression in women with invasive ovarian cancer and their caregivers2010journal articlemq_res-se-573973Apr 21 10:01
QianQian, Y.Flow diverter in cerebrovascular aneurysm treatment in its influence on the haemodynamics - A review2016conference papermq_res-se-579273Apr 4 12:27
RabienRabien, S.; Ageorges, N.; Barl, L.; Beckmann, U.; Blümchen, T.; Bonaglia, M.; Borelli, J.; Brynnel, J.; Busoni, L.; Carbonaro, L.; Davies, R.; Deysenroth, M.; Durney, O.; Elberich, M.; Esposito, S.; Gasho, V.; Gässler, W.; Gemperlein, H.; Genzel, R.; Green, R.; Haug, M.; Lloyd Hart, M.; Hubbard, P.; Kanneganti, S.; Masciadri, E.; Noenickx, J.; Orban de Xivry, G.; Peter, D.; Quirrenbach, A.; Rademacher, M.; Rix, H.; Salinari, P.; Schwab, C.; Storm, J.; Strüder, L.; Thiel, M.; Weigelt, G.; Ziegleder, J.ARGOS - the laser guide star system for the LBT2010conference papermq_res-se-583765Apr 24 21:00
RamanathanRamanathan, SA; Hibbert, PD; Maher, CG; Day, RO; Hindmarsh, DM; Hooper, TD; Hannaford, NA; Runciman, WBCare Track: Towards Appropriate Care for Low Back Pain2016journal articlemq_res-se-568068Mar 28 15:43
RenRen, Y.; Xu Rattanasone, N.; Demuth, K.; Andronos, F.; Wyver, S.Relationships between proficiency with grammatical morphemes and emotion regulation: a study of Mandarin–English preschoolers2016journal articlemq_res-se-567632Mar 28 15:46
ReppermundReppermund, S.; Srasuebkul, P.; Heintze, T.; Reeve, R.; Dean, K.; Emerson, E.; Coyne, D.; Snoyman, P.; Baldry, E.; Dowse, L.; Szanto, T.; Sara, G.; Florio, T.; Trollor, JNCohort profile: a data linkage cohort to examine health service profiles of people with intellectual disability in New South Wales, Australia2017journal articlemq_res-se-583528Apr 24 12:23
RomanoRomano, M.; Arambasic, J.; Peters, L.Therapist and client interactions in motivational interviewing for social anxiety disorder2016journal articlemq_res-se-567648Mar 28 15:48
RossRoss, RM; Hartig, B.; McKay, R.Analytic cognitive style predicts paranormal explanations of anomalous experiences but not the experiences themselves: Implications for cognitive theories of delusions2016journal articlemq_res-se-571261Mar 28 15:43
SaljiSalji, M.; Jones, R.; Paul, J.; Birrell, F.; Dixon-Hughes, J.; Hutchison, C.; Johansen, TEB; Greene, D.; Parr, N.; Leung, HYFeasibility study of a randomised controlled trial to compare (deferred) androgen deprivation therapy and cryotherapy in men with localised radiation-recurrent prostate cancer2014journal articlemq_res-se-562262Sep 29 2016
SchmidSchmid, S.; Schultz, M.; Priest, SJ; O'Brien, G.; Pyke, SM; Bridgeman, A.; Lim, KF; Southam, DC; Bedford, SB; Jamie, IMAssessing the assessments : development of a tool to evaluate assessment items in chemistry according to learning outcomes2016book chaptermq_res-se-571262Apr 18 11:25
SchneiderSchneider, SC; Baillie, AJ; Mond, J.; Turner, CM; Hudson, JLMeasurement invariance of a body dysmorphic disorder symptom questionnaire across sex : the body image questionnaire-child and adolescent version2016journal articlemq_res-se-577034Mar 28 15:47
SchouSchou, IM; Marschner, ICDesign of clinical trials involving multiple hypothesis tests with a common control2016journal articlemq_res-se-563574Mar 28 15:45
ShermanSherman, KA; Woon, S.; French, J.; Elder, E.Body image and psychological distress in nipple-sparing mastectomy : the roles of self-compassion and appearance investment2017journal articlemq_res-se-550061Apr 24 14:59
SheyninSheynin, J.; Moustafa, AA; Beck, KD; Servatius, RJ; Casbolt, PA; Haber, P.; Elsayed, M.; Hogarth, L.; Myers, CEExaggerated acquisition and resistance to extinction of avoidance behavior in treated heroin-dependent men2016journal articlemq_res-se-548967Apr 20 15:35
SmithSmith, Allan 'Ben'; Thewes, Belinda; Turner, Jane; Gilchrist, Jemma; Fardell, Joanna; Sharpe, Louise; Bell, Melanie L; Girgis, Afaf; Grier, Maree; Byrne, Donna; Clutton, Samantha; Butow, PhyllisPilot of a theoretically grounded psychologist-delivered intervention for fear of cancer recurrence (Conquer Fear)2015journal articlemq_res-se-573947Apr 21 15:11
StanfordStanford, Sarah; Jones, Michael P; Loxton, Deborah JUnderstanding women who self-harm : predictors and long-term outcomes in a longitudinal community sample2017journal articlemq_res-se-543782Apr 24 15:07
StearnStearn, C.; Webby, B.; Nestor, H.; Stock, C.Paleozoic Stromatoporoidea2015reference entrymq_res-se-579757Apr 24 12:31
ThrosbyThrosby, C.Terroir-based economies as economic and cultural assets: value, valuation and sustainability2016book chaptermq_res-se-573834Jan 16 09:31
TitovTitov, N.; Dear, BF; Staples, LG; Bennett-Levy, J.; Klein, B.; Rapee, RM; Andersson, G.; Purtell, C.; Bezuidenhout, G.; Nielssen, OBThe first 30 months of the MindSpot Clinic: Evaluation of a national e-mental health service against project objectives2016journal articlemq_res-se-563598Mar 28 15:48
ToeToe, W.; Pearce, K.; Wang, F.; Reece, P.Dark field optical tweezers for studying nanoparticle dynamics2012conference papermq_res-se-583769Apr 24 21:00
VaradharajanVaradharajan, Vijayaraghavan; Amid, Alon; Rai, SudhanshuPolicy based role centric attribute based access control model : policy RC-ABAC2015conference papermq_res-se-555496Apr 10 12:33
VaradharajanVaradharajan, Vijayaraghavan; Kannav, Vikas; Pasala, AnjaneyuluSensor based coaching for a fit and healthy society2016conference papermq_res-se-576876Apr 10 12:33
WakefieldWakefield, Claire; Lin, Sixuan; Drew, Donna; McLoone, Jordana; Doolan, Emma; Young, Alison; Fardell, Joanna; Cohn, RichardDevelopment and evaluation of an information booklet for grandparents of children with cancer2016journal articlemq_res-se-573949Apr 24 15:23
WalkerWalker, MJ; Rogers, W.Defining disease in the context of overdiagnosis2016journal articlemq_res-se-570205Mar 28 15:47
WangWang, HC; Savage, G.; Gaskell, MG; Paulin, T.; Robidoux, S.; Castles, A.Bedding down new words : sleep promotes the emergence of lexical competition in visual word recognition2016journal articlemq_res-se-566662Mar 28 15:48
WebbyWebby, B.; Debrenne, F.; Kershaw, S.; Kruse, P.; Nestor, H.; Rigby, J.; Senowbari-Daryan, B.; Stearn, C.; Stock, C.; Vacelet, V.; West, R.; Wood, R.; Zhuravlev, A.Glossary of terms applied to the hypercalcified Porifera2015book chaptermq_res-se-579755Apr 24 10:28
WebbyWebby, B.Coordinating author's preface2015book chaptermq_res-se-579751Apr 21 09:30
WeberWeber, M.Olynomials in categories with pullbacks2015journal articlemq_res-se-556803Sep 2 2016
WestcottWestcott, RA; Ronan, K.; Bambrick, H.; Taylor, M."Don't just do something … stand there!" Emergency responders' peri-incident perceptions of animal owners in bushfire2017journal articlemq_res-se-579254Apr 21 16:07
WhiteWhite, D.; Batanin, M.Baez-Dolan stabilization via (semi-)model categories of operads2016book chaptermq_res-se-573803Apr 21 09:13
WongWong, S.; Irish, M.; Leshikar, ED; Duarte, A.; Bertoux, M.; Savage, G.; Hodges, JR; Piguet, O.; Hornberger, M.The Self-reference effect in dementia : differential involvement of cortical midline structures in Alzheimer's disease and behavioural-variant frontotemporal dementia2016journal articlemq_res-se-566652Mar 28 15:45
YangYang, JS; Wirth, R.; Wiedenbeck, M.; Griffin, WL; Meng, FC; Chen, SY; Bai, WJ; Xu, XX; Makeeyev, AB; Bryanchaniniova, NIDiamonds and highly reduced minerals from chromitite of the ray-iz ophiolite of the polar urals : deep origin of podiform chromitites and ophiolitic diamonds2015conference papermq_res-se-563489Apr 21 11:35
YangYang, T.; Lee, YC; Zomaya, AYCollective energy-efficiency approach to data center networks planning2015journal articlemq_res-se-566614Mar 28 15:45
YuYu, H.; Song, Z.Picture–text congruence in translation: images of the Zen master on book covers and in verbal texts2016journal articlemq_res-se-568047Mar 28 15:43
YuYu, H.; Wu, C.Recreating the image of Chan master Huineng : the role of personal pronouns2017journal articlemq_res-se-579108Apr 20 14:53
ZhangZhang, Jinhui; Purcal, Sachi; Wei, JiaqinOptimal Time to Enter a Retirement Village2017journal articlemq_res-se-583763Apr 24 21:00
ZhengZheng, G.; Fang, G.; Shankaran, R.; Orgun, M.; Zhou, J.; Qiao, L.; Saleem, K.Multiple ECG Fiducial points based random binary sequence generation for securing wireless body area networks2016journal articlemq_res-se-548144Apr 18 13:48