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AdamsAdams, Vanessa M; Setterfield, Samantha AEstimating the financial risks of Andropogon gayanus to greenhouse gas abatement projects in northern Australia2013journal articlemq_res-se-590565Jul 24 21:00
AhmadiAhmadi, Nazanin; Snidvongs, Kornkiat; Kalish, Larry; Sacks, Raymond; Tumuluri, Krishna; Wilcsek, Geoff; Harvey, RichardIntranasal corticosteroids do not affect intraocular pressure or lens opacity: a systematic review of controlled trials2015journal articlemq_res-se-458720May 3 2016
AhmedAhmed, M.Effects of interpersonal problems at work on organizational commitment2013journal articlemq_res-se-590563Jul 24 21:00
ArguelArguel, A.; Perez-Concha, O.; Li, SYW; Lau, AYSTheoretical approaches of online social network interventions and implications for behavioral change: A systematic review2016journal articlemq_res-se-563539Jun 5 12:03
AwumbilaAwumbila, M.; Manuh, T.; Quartey, P.; Antwi Bosiakoh, T.; Tagoe, CAMigration and Mobility in Ghana : Trends, Issues and Emerging Research Gaps2011bookmq_res-se-590231Jul 19 15:55
BahBah, A.; Qin, P.; Guo, Y.An Extremely wideband tapered balun for application in tightly coupled arrays2016conference papermq_res-se-589365Jul 21 14:21
BakerBaker, D.Standing on the shoulders of giants : collective learning as a key concept in Big History2015book chaptermq_res-se-583979Jun 6 14:06
BambachBambach, MR; Mitchell, RJSafe system approach to reducing serious injury risk in motorcyclist collisions with fixed hazards2014journal articlemq_res-se-447764Dec 16 2015
BarrowBarrow, A.Women, peace and security : mainstreaming gender in transitional justice processes2013book chaptermq_res-se-590513Jul 21 21:00
BerleBerle, David; Starcevic, Vladan; Porter, Guy; Fenech, PaulineAre some video games associated with more life interference and psychopathology than others? Comparing massively multiplayer online role-playing games with other forms of video game2015journal articlemq_res-se-588836Jul 3 09:55
BerleBerle, David; Steel, ZacharyFamilies of returned defence force personnel: a changing landscape of challenges2015journal articlemq_res-se-588835Jul 3 09:55
BordenabeBordenabe, N.; McIver, A.; Morgan, C.; Rabehaja, T.Compositional security and collateral leakage2016journal articlemq_res-se-577264Jun 5 12:19
BrakouliasBrakoulias, Vlasios; Starcevic, Vladan; Martin, Andrew; Berle, David; Milicevic, Denise; Viswasam, KirupamaniThe familiality of specific symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder2016journal articlemq_res-se-588972Jul 5 21:00
BrowningBrowning, SA; Goodwin, IDLarge-scale drivers of Australian east coast cyclones since 18512016journal articlemq_res-se-589080Jul 5 21:00
BurmeisterBurmeister, EA; Jordan, SJ; O Connell, DL; Beesley, VL; Goldstein, D.; Gooden, HM; Janda, M.; Merrett, ND; Wyld, D.; Neale, RE; Cosman, PH; Bullen, A.; Burge, M.; Eastgate, M.; Powell, J.; Deuble, M.; Pryor, D.; Whelan, J.; Algie, L.; Gupta, S.; Lynch, SV; Burmeister, BH; Slater, K.; Fletcher, D.; Van Hazel, G.; Raftopoulos, S.; Spry, N.; Agar, M.; Brecciaroli, F.; Burmeister, BH; Caird, S.; Cameron, D.; Chan, P.; Chantrill, L.; Christie, D.; Chua, YJ; Croese, J.; Cronk, M.; Gani, J.; Grimison, P.; Gupta, S.; Hruby, G.; Jefford, M.; Merrett, N.; Samra, JS; Slater, K.; Wysocki, APUsing a Delphi process to determine optimal care for patients with pancreatic cancer2016journal articlemq_res-se-566606Jan 18 2017
CaoCao, C.; Indraratna, P.; Doyle, M.; Tian, DH; Liou, K.; Munkholm-Larsen, S.; Uys, C.; Virk, S.A systematic review on robotic coronary artery bypass graft surgery2016journal articlemq_res-se-571846Jul 7 21:00
CassidyCassidy, S.Interoperable Annotation in the Australian National Corpus2013conference papermq_res-se-590549Jul 24 21:00
Castillo-OliverCastillo-Oliver, Montgarri; Carles Melgarejo i Draper, Joan; Gali Medina, Salvador; Pervov, VladimirPetrography and thermobarometry of mantle xenoliths of Cat 115 diamond-bearing kimberlite (Angola)2011conference papermq_res-se-250427Jul 19 15:56
ChenChen, W.; Deng, W.; Goldys, EMEnhanced gene silencing mediated by photoresponsive liposomes2016conference papermq_res-se-577327Apr 12 12:31
ChenChen, X.; Yu, K.Error entropy model based determination of minimum detactable deformation magnitude of terrestrial laser scanning2016conference papermq_res-se-589367Jul 21 13:14
ChristianChristian, D.Swimming upstream : Universal Darwinism and human history2015book chaptermq_res-se-583977Jun 6 14:06
ChristianChristian, D.The Evolution of Big History : a short introduction2015book chaptermq_res-se-583978Jun 6 14:06
ChurrucaChurruca, K.; Ussher, JM; Perz, J.Just desserts? Exploring constructions of food in women's experiences of bulimia2016journal articlemq_res-se-566414Mar 28 15:48
CupplesCupples, L.; Ching, TY; Button, L.; Leigh, G.; Marnane, V.; Whitfield, J.; Gunnourie, M.; Martin, L.Language and speech outcomes of children with hearing loss and additional disabilities : identifying the variables that influence performance at five years of age2016journal articlemq_res-se-561485Jun 5 12:12
DayDay, Richard; Lipworth, Wendy; Ghinea, NarcyzThe Ethics Around Drug Labels and Generic Medicines2015journal articlemq_res-se-588838Jul 3 09:55
DevasahayamDevasahayam, Sheila; Bandyopadhyay, Sri; Hill, David JTStudy of Victorian Brown Coal Dewatering by Super Absorbent Polymers using Attenuated Total Reflection Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy2016journal articlemq_res-se-566436Jul 5 21:00
DevasahayamDevasahayam, SheilaPredicting the Liberation of Sulfide Minerals Using the Breakage Distribution Function2015journal articlemq_res-se-566427Jul 3 09:56
DudaniecDudaniec, Rachael Y; Tesson, Sylvie VMApplying landscape genetics to the microbial world2016journal articlemq_res-se-589090Jul 5 21:00
DuncanDuncan, MJ; Bourrat, P.; DeBerardinis, J.; O'Malley, MASmall things, big consequences : microbiological perspectives on biology2013book chaptermq_res-se-590566Jul 25 14:59
FrinoFrino, A.; Mollica, V.; Romano, MGTransaction fees and trading strategies in financial markets2013journal articlemq_res-se-584877Jun 5 10:18
GaoGao, X.; Du, J.; Weily, AR; Zhang, T.; Foley, CP; Guo, Y.Broadband antenna-coupled high-temperature superconducting Josephson-junction mixer for terahertz communication applications2016conference papermq_res-se-589338Jul 20 16:11
GatesGates, P.; Grove, R.; Copeland, J.Impact of substance use on the Australian workforce2013journal articlemq_res-se-590547Jul 24 21:00
GhineaGhinea, Narcyz; Lipworth, Wendy; Kerridge, IanOff-Label Promotion of Prescription Medicine2015journal articlemq_res-se-588868Jul 3 09:56
GongGong, L.; Wu, T.; Nguyen, NTH; Agiakatsikas, D.; Zhao, Z.; Cetin, E.; Diessel, O.A Programmable configuration controller for fault-tolerant applications2017conference papermq_res-se-589283Jul 21 15:45
HaubtHaubt, RAThe Global Rock Art Database: Developing A Rock Art Reference Model For The Radb System Using The Cidoc Crm And Australian Heritage Examples2015conference papermq_res-se-561087Jul 3 09:58
HermensHermens, Daniel F; Naismith, Sharon L; Lagopoulos, Jim; Lee, Rico SC; Guastella, Adam J; Scott, Elizabeth M; Hickie, Ian BNeuropsychological profile according to the clinical stage of young persons presenting for mental health care2013journal articlemq_res-se-590555Jul 25 14:57
HermkensHermkens, AK; Venbrux, E.Insurgents and Icons2011book chaptermq_res-se-359210Jul 19 21:00
HermkensHermkens, Anna-KarinaEngendering objects Dynamics of Barkcloth and Gender among the Maisin of Papua New Guinea2013bookmq_res-se-590516Jul 25 14:09
HochmanHochman, A.; Lipphardt, V.Rasse oder Vielfalt – was sagt die Wissensforschung? Kontroverse Annäherungen an die Kategorie race2016book chaptermq_res-se-578470Mar 23 10:38
IbraheemIbraheem, Shahad; Devasahayam, Sheila; Standard, Owen; Bandyopadhyay, SriUse of Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) to identify fly ash mineral spatial and particulate distribution in epoxy polymer2015conference papermq_res-se-566437Jul 3 09:57
IppolitovIppolitov, A.; Vinn, O.; Kupriyanova, E.; Jäger, M.Written in stone : history of serpulid polychaetes through time2014conference papermq_res-se-590548Jul 24 21:00
IrvingIrving, L.The Earth is your Mosque (and everyone else’s too) : online Muslim environmentalism and interfaith collaboration in UK and Singapore2013journal articlemq_res-se-590570Jul 25 14:55
JablonskiJablonski, S.; Maciaszek, L.ENASE 2009 - 4th International Conference on Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering, Proceedings: Foreword2009bookmq_res-se-583770Jun 6 14:09
JordanJordan, CH; Walsh, AJ; Lowe, V.; Voronkov, MA; Ellingsen, SP; Breen, SL; Purcell, CR; Barnes, PJ; Burton, MG; Cunningham, MR; Hill, T.; Jackson, JM; Longmore, SN; Peretto, N.; Urquhart, JSMALT-45: A 7 mm survey of the southern Galaxy - I. Techniques and spectral line data2015journal articlemq_res-se-586377Jul 7 21:00
KarusoKaruso, P.The Royal Australian Chemical Institute NSW Organic Chemistry Group 37th Annual One-Day Symposium : program and book of abstracts2016conference papermq_res-se-579611Apr 5 21:00
KlebanskyKlebansky, Anna; Fraser, SharonA Strategic Approach to Curriculum Design for Information Literacy in Teacher Education – Implementing an Information Literacy Conceptual Framework2013journal articlemq_res-se-590559Jul 24 21:00
KleinKlein, N.Islands and rocks after the South China Sea arbitration2016journal articlemq_res-se-586269Jun 22 12:24
KotzeeKotzee, B.; Pritchard, D.; Pritchard, D.Epistemic Virtue and the Epistemology of Educationbook chaptermq_res-se-590569Jul 24 21:00
KozlowskaKozlowska, Kasia; Palmer, Donna M; Brown, Kerri J; Scher, Stephen; Chudleigh, Catherine; Davies, Fiona; Williams, Leanne MConversion disorder in children and adolescents: A disorder of cognitive control2015journal articlemq_res-se-588877Jul 3 09:58
KrebsKrebs, GC; Turner, C.Using low-intensity treatment methods with families2013book chaptermq_res-se-590222Jul 17 09:45
KumarKumar, Narendra; Bonizzi, Pietro; Pison, Laurent; Phan, Kevin; Lankveld, Theo; Maessen, Bart; La Meir, Mark; Gelsomino, Sandro; Maessen, Jos; Crijns, HarryImpact of hybrid procedure on P wave duration for atrial fibrillation ablation2015journal articlemq_res-se-174061Jul 3 09:59
KupriyanovaKupriyanova, Elena KWhat do egg size distributions in marine invertebrates tell us about validity of fecundity-time models?2014journal articlemq_res-se-590557Jul 24 21:00
KurmannKurmann, A.Internal dialogue as means of collective conflict resolution in Linda Lê's exile writing2016journal articlemq_res-se-589359Jul 25 14:09
LauLau, Annie YS; Coiera, Enrico WImpact of web searching and social feedback on consumer decision making: A prospective online experiment2008journal articlemq_res-se-370022Mar 17 2016
LaurenceLaurence, R.Children and the urban environment : agency in Pompeii2016book chaptermq_res-se-590562Jul 25 13:44
LaurenceLaurence, R.Investigating the emperor's toga : privileging images on Roman coins2012book chaptermq_res-se-590572Jul 25 13:44
LauroLauro, FM; Chastain, RA; Ferriera, S.; Johnson, J.; Yayanos, AA; Bartlett, DHDraft Genome Sequence of the Deep-Sea Bacterium Shewanella benthica Strain KT992013journal articlemq_res-se-590554Jul 24 21:00
LevyLevy, N.Culpable Ignorance : a reply to Robichaud2016journal articlemq_res-se-589138Jul 6 21:00
LeytonLeyton, C.; Savage, S.; Irish, M.; Schubert, S.; Piguet, O.; Ballard, K.; Hodges, J.Verbal repetition in primary progressive aphasia and Alzheimer's disease2014journal articlemq_res-se-590561Jul 24 21:00
LiLi, H.; Huang, X.; Guo, Y.Improved quality-based channel state feedback scheme in multicast systems with greedy scheduling2016conference papermq_res-se-589341Jul 21 11:29
LiLi, Jun-Yong; Wang, Xiao-Lei; Zhang, Feng-Feng; Zhou, Xiao-Hua; Shu, Xu-JieA rhythmic source change of the Neoproterozoic basement meta-sedimentary sequences in the Jiangnan Orogen: Implications for tectonic evolution on the southeastern margin of the Yangtze Block2016journal articlemq_res-se-589139Jul 6 21:00
LipworthLipworth, WendyWhy drug shortages are an ethical issue2013journal articlemq_res-se-590551Jul 24 21:00
MadappattMadappatt, Niyas; De Marco, Orsola; Villaver, EvaThe effect of tides on the population of PN from interacting binaries2016journal articlemq_res-se-570364Jul 6 21:00
MartínMartín, Jacobo; Puig, Pere; Palanques, Albert; Ribó, MartaTrawling-induced daily sediment resuspension in the flank of a Mediterranean submarine canyon2014journal articlemq_res-se-590571Jul 24 21:00
MavrouMavrou, A.; Brakspear, K.; Hamdollah-Zadeh, M.; Damodaran, G.; Babaei-Jadidi, R.; Oxley, J.; Gillatt, DA; Ladomery, MR; Harper, SJ; Bates, DO; Oltean, S.Serine-arginine protein kinase 1 (SRPK1) inhibition as a potential novel targeted therapeutic strategy in prostate cancer2015journal articlemq_res-se-378929Feb 10 2016
MayesMayes, Christopher; Kerridge, Ian; Habibi, Roojin; Lipworth, WendyConflicts of interest in neoliberal times: perspectives of Australian medical students2016journal articlemq_res-se-589140Jul 6 21:00
MehtaMehta, SG; Milner, LE; Parker, MEA 70 GHz chip to printed circuit board interconnect using Kapton flexible substrate2016conference papermq_res-se-589141Jul 6 21:00
MellaMella, VSA; Cooper, CE; Davies, SJJFEffects of historically familiar and novel predator odors on the physiology of an introduced prey2016journal articlemq_res-se-588902Jul 6 21:00
MilnerMilner, LE; Harvey, JT; Hall, LT; Parker, MEA polyphase RC filter implemented in ring configuration for a SiGe millimetre-wave receiver2016conference papermq_res-se-589186Jul 7 21:00
MincaMinca, Claudio; Colombino, AnnalisaBreve manuale di geografia umana2012bookmq_res-se-590299Jul 19 15:54
MoonMoon, K.; Blackman, DA; Adams, VM; Kool, J.Perception matrices : an adaptation of repertory grid technique2017journal articlemq_res-se-582933May 8 08:47
MorrellMorrell, Bronwen; Forsyth, Rowena; Lipworth, Wendy; Kerridge, Ian; Jordens, Christopher FCRules of engagement: Journalists’ attitudes to industry influence in health news reporting2015journal articlemq_res-se-588889Jul 3 09:59
MosebyMoseby, K.; Carthey, A.; Schroeder, T.The Influence of predators and prey naivety on reintroduction success : current and future directions2015book chaptermq_res-se-588894Jul 3 10:00
NeilNeil, Bronwen; Santo, Matthew DalA Companion to Gregory the Great2013bookmq_res-se-590558Jul 25 13:43
NipperessNipperess, D.The Rarefaction of phylogenetic diversity : formulation, extension and application2016book chaptermq_res-se-589275Jul 11 21:00
NowackNowack, J.; Cooper, CE; Geiser, F.Cool echidnas survive the fire2016journal articlemq_res-se-588901Jul 10 21:00
OarOar, EllaL; McLellan, LaurenF; Rapee, RonaldMAdapting cognitive behavioral therapy for anxious children and adolescents2017journal articlemq_res-se-583975Jun 6 14:26
PacePace, Jessica; Pearson, Sallie-Anne; Lipworth, WendyImproving the Legitimacy of Medicines Funding Decisions2015journal articlemq_res-se-588915Jul 3 10:00
PandeyPandey, BP; Dwivedi, CBSurface wave propagation in non-ideal plasmas2015journal articlemq_res-se-374934Jul 3 10:01
ParkPark, JM; Kwak, SNLength–weight relationships and reproductive characteristics of the crowned seahorse (Hippocampus coronatus) in eelgrass beds (Zostera marina) of Dongdae Bay, Korea2015journal articlemq_res-se-588417Jul 3 10:02
QuinnQuinn, BG; Vaughan, I.; Clarkson, L.Lattice parameter estimation from sparse, noisy measurements2017conference papermq_res-se-579794Jul 7 21:00
RamanathanRamanathan, SA; Hibbert, PD; Maher, CG; Day, RO; Hindmarsh, DM; Hooper, TD; Hannaford, NA; Runciman, WBCare Track: Towards Appropriate Care for Low Back Pain2016journal articlemq_res-se-568068Jun 5 12:01
RathboneRathbone, K.Dressing the colonial body : Senegalese rifleman in uniform2013book chaptermq_res-se-590560Jul 24 21:00
RaymondRaymond, Benjamin BA; Jenkins, Cheryl; Seymour, Lisa M; Tacchi, Jessica L; Widjaja, Michael; Jarocki, Veronica M; Deutscher, Ania T; Turnbull, Lynne; Whitchurch, Cynthia B; Padula, Matthew P; Djordjevic, Steven PProteolytic processing of the cilium adhesin MHJ_0194 (P123 J ) in M ycoplasma hyopneumoniae generates a functionally diverse array of cleavage fragments that bind multiple host molecules2015journal articlemq_res-se-589276Jul 11 21:00
RenRen, Y.; Xu Rattanasone, N.; Demuth, K.; Andronos, F.; Wyver, S.Relationships between proficiency with grammatical morphemes and emotion regulation: a study of Mandarin–English preschoolers2016journal articlemq_res-se-567632Jun 5 12:00
RibóRibó, M.; Puig, P.; Salat, J.; Palanques, A.Nepheloid layer distribution in the Gulf of Valencia, northwestern Mediterranean2013journal articlemq_res-se-590552Jul 25 14:59
RomanoRomano, M.; Arambasic, J.; Peters, L.Therapist and client interactions in motivational interviewing for social anxiety disorder2016journal articlemq_res-se-567648Jun 5 12:15
RosenbaumRosenbaum, S.; Vancampfort, D.; Tiedemann, A.; Stubbs, B.; Steel, Z.; Ward, PB; Berle, D.; Sherrington, C.Among inpatients, posttraumatic stress disorder symptom severity is negatively associated with time spent walking2016journal articlemq_res-se-588990Jul 10 21:00
SaljiSalji, M.; Jones, R.; Paul, J.; Birrell, F.; Dixon-Hughes, J.; Hutchison, C.; Johansen, TEB; Greene, D.; Parr, N.; Leung, HYFeasibility study of a randomised controlled trial to compare (deferred) androgen deprivation therapy and cryotherapy in men with localised radiation-recurrent prostate cancer2014journal articlemq_res-se-562262Sep 29 2016
SaravanjaSaravanja, D.Cervical Trauma: Subaxial Cervical Spine2011book chaptermq_res-se-589312Jul 14 08:19
SchadelSchadel, J.; Lockström, M.; Moser, R.; Harrison, N.Readiness for supply chain collaboration and supplier integration : findings from the Chinese automotive industry2016book chaptermq_res-se-589230Jul 10 21:00
SchmidSchmid, S.; Schultz, M.; Priest, SJ; O'Brien, G.; Pyke, SM; Bridgeman, A.; Lim, KF; Southam, DC; Bedford, SB; Jamie, IMAssessing the assessments : development of a tool to evaluate assessment items in chemistry according to learning outcomes2016book chaptermq_res-se-571262Apr 18 11:25
SchneiderSchneider, SC; Baillie, AJ; Mond, J.; Turner, CM; Hudson, JLMeasurement invariance of a body dysmorphic disorder symptom questionnaire across sex : the body image questionnaire-child and adolescent version2016journal articlemq_res-se-577034Jun 2 13:53
SchouSchou, IM; Marschner, ICDesign of clinical trials involving multiple hypothesis tests with a common control2016journal articlemq_res-se-563574Jun 5 12:10
ScottScott, Elizabeth M; Hermens, Daniel F; Naismith, Sharon L; Guastella, Adam J; White, Django; Whitwell, Bradley G; Lagopoulos, Jim; Scott, Jan; Hickie, Ian BDistress and disability in young adults presenting to clinical services with mood disorders2013journal articlemq_res-se-590514Jul 24 09:45
SeifertSeifert, Martin; Gonçalves, Priscila; Justus, Tercius; Martins, Nilda; Klein, Aloisio N; Motz, GünterA novel approach to develop composite ceramics based on active filler loaded precursor employing plasma assisted pyrolysis2016journal articlemq_res-se-588914Jul 3 10:09
ShortShort, J.Impact of increasing capacity for generating and using research on maternal and perinatal health practices in South East Asia (sea-ORCHID project)2011journal articlemq_res-se-590285Jul 19 15:55
StarcevicStarcevic, Vladan; Berle, David; do Rosario, Maria Conceicao; Brakoulias, Vlasios; Ferrao, Ygor A; Viswasam, Kirupamani; Shavitt, Roseli; Miguel, Euripedes; Fontenelle, Leonardo FUse of benzodiazepines in obsessive-compulsive disorder2016journal articlemq_res-se-588973Jul 11 21:00
SteinfeldSteinfeld, R.NTRU cryptosystem: Recent developments and emerging mathematical problems in finite polynomial rings2014book chaptermq_res-se-589350Jul 14 21:00
StevensStevens, KR; Ovretveit, J.Improvement research priorities: USA survey and expert consensus2013journal articlemq_res-se-457420Jul 24 21:00
TalmanTalman, Paul; Thi, Duong; Vucic, Steve; Mathers, Susan; Venkatesh, Svetha; Henderson, Robert; Rowe, Dominic; Schultz, David; Edis, Robert; Needham, Merrilee; Macdonnell, Richard; McCombe, Pamela; Birks, Carol; Kiernan, MatthewIdentification and outcomes of clinical phenotypes in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis/motor neuron disease: Australian National Motor Neuron Disease observational cohort2016journal articlemq_res-se-563594Jul 11 21:00
ThrosbyThrosby, C.Terroir-based economies as economic and cultural assets: value, valuation and sustainability2016book chaptermq_res-se-573834Jan 16 2017
TimmerTimmer, J.Menentang Kulturalisme di Tanah Papua2012book chaptermq_res-se-590456Jul 20 21:00
TitovTitov, N.; Dear, BF; Staples, LG; Bennett-Levy, J.; Klein, B.; Rapee, RM; Andersson, G.; Purtell, C.; Bezuidenhout, G.; Nielssen, OBThe first 30 months of the MindSpot Clinic: Evaluation of a national e-mental health service against project objectives2016journal articlemq_res-se-563598Jun 5 12:13
VinnVinn, Olev; Kupriyanova, Elena K; Kiel, SteffenSerpulids (Annelida, Polychaeta) at Cretaceous to modern hydrocarbon seeps: Ecological and evolutionary patterns2013journal articlemq_res-se-590553Jul 24 21:00
VinnVinn, Olev; Kupriyanova, Elena K; Kiel, SteffenSystematics of serpulid tubeworms (Annelida, Polychaeta) from Cretaceous and Cenozoic hydrocarbon-seep deposits in North America and Europe2012journal articlemq_res-se-590512Jul 24 09:46
WangWang, Guo-Guang; Ni, Pei; Yao, Jing; Wang, Xiao-Lei; Zhao, Kui-Dong; Zhu, Ren-Zhi; Xu, Ying-Feng; Pan, Jun-Yi; Li, Li; Zhang, Ying-HongThe link between subduction-modified lithosphere and the giant Dexing porphyry copper deposit, South China: Constraints from high-Mg adakitic rocks2015journal articlemq_res-se-589030Jul 4 21:00
WangWang, HC; Savage, G.; Gaskell, MG; Paulin, T.; Robidoux, S.; Castles, A.Bedding down new words : sleep promotes the emergence of lexical competition in visual word recognition2016journal articlemq_res-se-566662Jun 2 14:38
WaniganayakeWaniganayake, M.; Colmer, K.; Palkhiwala, S.Quality Area 7 : leadership and service management2012book chaptermq_res-se-590455Jul 24 14:17
YangYang, T.; Lee, YC; Zomaya, AYCollective energy-efficiency approach to data center networks planning2015journal articlemq_res-se-566614Jun 5 12:02
YuYu, H.; Song, Z.Picture–text congruence in translation: images of the Zen master on book covers and in verbal texts2016journal articlemq_res-se-568047Jun 5 11:52